How to prevent and eliminate pimples on the chin

How to prevent and eliminate pimples on the chin

Pimples on the chin are annoying blemishes: here's how to get rid of them and prevent them

Pimples are always very boring to manage and can cause quite a few inconveniences. The ones on the face are the worst because they are very difficult to cover, not to mention that the make up on the pimples could only make things worse, if they are not treated properly.

For the pimples on the chin the causes can be different so first you have to understand what the problem is at the basis of their manifestation. Stress and menstrual cycle are three of the first causes of the appearance of pimples on the chin, even under the skin: here's how to prevent and eliminate them.

Pimples on the chin: the causes

Pimples on the chin and ovaries are closely related because their appearance could be caused by hormonal imbalances (also related to the cycle) or by the presence of microcysts. Usually, the birth control pill is prescribed precisely to combat this ovarian-related disorder, but to know exactly if this is the cause, it is necessary to make a gynecological examination.

The pimples on the chin can then be caused by incorrect nutrition and poor hydration, by an absent or incorrect cleaning of the face, by a genetic predisposition, by the use of aggressive cosmetic products and by stress.

Do you have pimples on your chin? The remedies

Do you suffer from pimples on the chin? The remedies range from taking medicines to natural cures. Certainly, however, one must change one's lifestyle to prevent its appearance, if these are not linked to genetic factors on which we cannot intervene. In fact, one of the causes of pimples on the chin is a diet that involves the intake of many fatty foods, which must therefore be eliminated in favor of fresh and light foods. Also remember to drink lots of water.

Even the beauty routine must include steps and products useful to avoid the appearance of pimples. You must always clean and moisturize your skin, every day, in the morning before makeup and in the evening before going to sleep. In correspondence with the menstrual cycle instead, in particular in the middle, do a scrub to thin the keratin layer that obstructs the skin.

Finally there are a number of natural remedies for pimples that can help alleviate the appearance of pimples. One of these consists in applying a small amount of toothpaste on the pimple before going to bed to relieve it and soothe irritation; another plans to rub the skin of the chin with lemon juice to cure and help dry out the pimples (which lightens scars, red spots and maintains the pH balance of the skin). Aloe Vera also helps in healing the pimple, in fact it is one of the ingredients present in the products for the treatment of pimples.

Pimples on the chin under the skin

The pimples on the chin under the skin, on the other hand, do not have a white point but are just as annoying and require a treatment like the more visible ones. How do they recognize each other? They can manifest themselves as subcutaneous protrusions of different sizes visible even to the naked eye or only to the touch. Often, the pimples under the skin are red and inflamed and, due to the pus trapped inside them.

For pimples under the skin on the chin, the causes have to do with an ongoing inflammation, generated by hormonal changes, poor, insufficient or inadequate cleansing of the skin, use of cosmetic products and cleansing products that are too strong, irritating, of poor quality , allergic reactions and stress.

When the pimples under the skin on the chin occur individually and do not cause particular pain, it is not necessary to apply any product, since they tend to regress spontaneously. If they do not go away on their own, the doctor may decide to intervene by prescribing the administration of oral contraceptives or prescribe corticosteroid drugs.

Even in the case of pimples under the skin, there are natural remedies that can help alleviate the discomfort and dry them. These include the application of different essential oils such as:

  • tea tree essential oil (better known as Tea Tree Oil), has anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties
  • essential oil of rosemary, has antimicrobial, dermopurifying and astringent properties
  • lavender essential oil, has anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties

Makeup for pimples on the chin

If you want to avoid the appearance of pimples on the chin, you must not use cosmetics or make-up products containing substances that occlude pores and skin. You must only use make-up products that reflect the needs of your skin, so products with a moisturizing base for dry skin or anti-sebum products for oily ones. Remember to apply a primer, preferably opacifying. After the primer, apply a concealer with a brush, use the powder to fix everything with the sponge and choose a foundation that best suits your skin, mineral for oily skin, otherwise mousse or liquids for dry skin.

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