How to prevent child suffocation and how to behave

This episode of “Daily Health Pills” explains what to do and not to do in case of suffocation and how to prevent it

Foreign body suffocation can occur at any age, but is more common in children, especially under 4 years of age. The Centers for Disease Control in Atlanta in the US say that foreign body suffocation, usually food but can also be toys or the like, is among the top ten causes of death from accidents in life. And it is especially dangerous in the first year of life.

How to prevent choking

Almost 70% of obstructions are food-related, so much attention must be paid to prevention. It is necessary to focus on the modalities of the meal, even before the preparation, trying to avoid foods that can be at risk, making sure that the child eats seated and without distractions and above all it is important to learn the anti-choking maneuver. This is different under the year and above the year of age. It is advisable with the help of the pediatrician to try what you have learned with a manikin.

However, prevention remains fundamental. First of all, the child must be taught to eat correctly, to chew slowly and adequately, it is also important that the child is upright at the table. As for food, make sure to cut food well, especially those considered riskier: pay attention to grapes, cherries, ham if cut into large pieces if not chewed, small tomatoes, carrots, especially candies. gummy.

During the meal it is best to keep an eye on the children, so stay with them. And the toys must be chosen so that they are not at risk and therefore age-appropriate.

What not to do in case of suffocation

If you feel like you are in the presence of choking, there are things you shouldn’t do. There is no point in putting fingers or objects down the throat to extract the choking object or to make it vomit. You don’t even have to grab the baby by the feet and put him upside down.

The Heimlich Maneuver and more

This is why it is important to learn the anti-choking maneuver. You can take a short course at the pediatrician or other qualified personnel. Remember that with the infant one must move in a certain way, while with the adult or child over one year of age in another, with what is the Heimlich Maneuver.

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