How to prevent red stretch marks

How to prevent red stretch marks

Find out how to hide and mitigate red stretch marks to make them less noticeable

The growth process, so fascinating and awaited by many girls and boys, brings with it inevitable physical changes: you become taller, put on weight, lose it, and all this can leave visible consequences on your skin. We are talking about red stretch marks, a skin imperfection that afflicts a really high percentage of the population. Red stretch marks in adolescence are almost a practice, especially when they are formed as a result of sudden weight loss or if you put on weight in a short time.

These imperfections, which affect the deepest layer of the skin, appear as real irreversible scars, which can however be mitigated with some remedies. Let's see together the remedies for red stretch marks, whether it is possible or not to eliminate them, and all the tricks to feel better about yourself and live with this problem.

How to prevent red stretch marks

Thighs, breasts, hips, tummy, legs, arms and even calves: red stretch marks can appear in any area of ​​the body where there is less elasticity. Following a fracture of the collagen fibers, the skin "stretches", generating these unsightly bright red streaks that can make you very uncomfortable. Why are we really talking about red stretch marks? The answer is precisely in the color: the red stretch marks represent the "new" ones, just formed, which can however be attenuated in the form and intensity of color with some remedies.

The best remedies against stretch marks

Let's face it: eliminating red stretch marks forever is not possible, unless you resort to surgery. But before we take that step, there are really many do-it-yourself remedies that we can apply to feel more peaceful. Among these there is the use of a specific oil for red stretch marks.

  • Oil for stretch marks and creams: there are many on the market, some really very effective. The application of creams and oils for stretch marks help the production of collagen and keep the skin elastic. They are used a lot during pregnancy, periods in which the formation of red and deep stretch marks is to be taken into account: the change that the body undergoes in just 9 months is remarkable, as well as the increase in weight and the tension that the skin undergoes right on the belly.
  • Sport: a trivial tip? It seems, yet not many take it into consideration. Physical activity is essential to help the skin remain elastic, firm, and to deal with changes (weight loss or increase in body mass) in a gradual and constant way.
  • Suitable clothes: what do clothes with red stretch marks have to do with it? Excessively tight clothing prevents proper circulation, which is one of the fundamental reasons why stretch marks are formed. We therefore prefer the right clothes, comfortable and comfortable sizes.

How to get rid of stretch marks

As we have mentioned, it is not possible to eliminate red stretch marks entirely, unless surgery or laser is used. Among the most effective systems, in fact, there is that of the pulsed light laser, which stimulates the growth of collagen and significantly attenuates red stretch marks, bringing them to a white color and greatly reducing their size. Alternatively, it is also possible to opt for but microdermabrasion, a technique that makes the stretch mark less visible and less deep. Even in these cases, obviously, we are not talking about a total elimination, but a very strong attenuation: once stretched, unfortunately, the skin cannot return as before.

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