How to properly sterilize the pacifier

How to properly sterilize the pacifier

Sterilizing the pacifier is essential for the correct hygiene of the baby but, in this regard, it is necessary to be aware of some basic precautions

Sterilizing the pacifier is a very important process for the health of the newborn baby, since it is an accessory that comes into contact with the mouth. So it is essential to bring the right hygiene for correct use. To do this, it is necessary not to neglect some small precautions, in order to prevent the baby from ingesting bacteria since, given his small age, the immune system is still rather fragile and delicate. On the other hand, it must also be considered that the formation of antibodies is created precisely by contact with the surrounding elements.

In this regard, it is right to worry about hygiene but, you must not make it a real obsession, with consequent pressure or stress on the little one. The first fundamental aspect is therefore to implement the right caution. It is necessary to sterilize the pacifier, baby bottle and any toys useful to entertain the newborn, exclusively during the first months of life, since in this period it is much more vulnerable to germs and bacteria. Once this time has passed, a little common sense in habits is enough.

First of all, to properly sterilize the pacifier, it is important to follow the indications that are reported by the manufacturer, since they are based mainly on the material of which the accessory is made. Also, you should never forget to wash your hands before proceeding. A simple and traditional method for proper sterilization involves boiling a small amount of water in a saucepan in which to soak the pacifier, which will remain in the bath for about 5 minutes.

Then just let it dry by laying it on a clean cloth. If, on the other hand, you want to sterilize cold, you need a special container, or the sterilizer. Just fill the container with water and combine everything with a specific solution for this operation (available in children's shops and pharmacies) and immerse the pacifier for a few moments. At this point it is advisable to rinse the accessory, to avoid product residues persisting. Finally, for hot sterilization, a special electric sterilizer will be enough to insert the pacifier and start the timer. After waiting about ten minutes, the pacifier will be ready, perfectly sterilized and sanitized for your baby.

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