How to protect children from the dangers of the Internet

How to protect children from the dangers of the Internet

How to help children avoid the dangers of the web? Here are tips for parents who want to protect their children when they surf online

How to protect children from the dangers of the Internet? As all parents well know, the web can be transformed, especially for the little ones, in a very dangerous place, where you are exposed to encounters, images and videos without any filter. For this reason it is essential that children receive an education that teaches them to relate to the Internet, to understand its dangers and to defuse dangerous situations.

A useful guide comes from Kaspersky Lab, which provides parents with some important information to help them protect their children. First of all it is important to talk carefully and very sincerely about the dangers present on the Internet, highlighting what are the things to which we must always pay attention.

This is a speech that should be made as soon as the children start using computers, smartphones and tablets. On the other hand, 70% of children between 10 and 15 years have a mobile phone with web access. After understanding the dangers they may face, children will need to learn how to protect the information they put online.

The Facebook or Instagram profile, for example, must be protected and available only for friends. The latter must be exclusively people who know each other even in the real world. Extra help can come from a parental control software, which places very specific limitations on navigation, preventing children from performing dangerous activities or coming into contact with contents that are not suitable for their age. Usually telephone operators offer options that allow you to control Internet access. Various applications are also available in the major online stores.

Finally, a separate chapter can be devoted to online bullying. Sometimes kids, especially on the web and thanks to anonymity, can be cruel and very bad. This is why it is important for parents to warn their children, explaining that they may face bullies on the Internet, but they will never be alone. The advice, as always, is to turn to an adult, report and get help.

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