How to protect yourself from the sun when doing sports

How to protect yourself from the sun when doing sports

Summer, fitness moves outdoors, and it’s even more effective: exercise in the sunespecially at the sea or in the mountains, in synergy with the relaxation induced by the holiday, is a youth boost. But only if you choose well the sunscreens to use, because, with the body in motion and the stresses that the skin undergoes during sports, the protective capacity declared by the product changes.

“With the activities on the sand, or even with the simple walk on the shoreline at a brisk pace, sweating is more intense and the sun is eliminated faster from the skin », warns the dermatologist and cosmetologist Leonardo Cellenopresident of Aideco (

«It doesn’t do better in the water: during the I swim even a water-proof filter only maintains an average between 20% and 30% of the declared protection; the water-resistant one, according to the American FDA, loses its effectiveness after 40 minutes », continues the expert.

In addition, even the surfaces on which you play sports increase the reflection and therefore the intensity of solar radiation. A percentage between 60-80% of UV radiation, for example, is transmitted through the first 30 centimeters of water in a swimming pool, while in the sea water reflects 50% of the rays. Sand increases the strength of the radiation by about 30%, with fluctuations depending on its composition / chromatic tone. Moral: dry or in water, the red alert does not change.

Identify the “active” solar

During training it is therefore better to use a Definitely high spfrepeating the application at least every two hours: not only baths in water and abundant sweating, but also the friction of the towel used to dry yourself or on which you lie down eliminates the sun from the skin, canceling its effects. The high protection from UVA, UVB and infrared rays, however, is not enough, because to entice you to apply the right amount (2 mg of product for every square centimeter of skin: for example, for the arms you need at least two teaspoons) and to repeat it often it must be practical, light and sensorially pleasant.

The choice of texture therefore becomes fundamental. «Excellent easy-to-apply fluid cream or gel formulations and that allow better transpiration, and water-resistant or water-proof for water sports », explains Celleno.

But sprays are also goodcomfortable to put even in the most difficult to reach points: they are transparent, quickly absorbed, and also have the advantage of being able to be used on wet skin and with one hand, without the need for massage.

In recent years, some cosmetic companies have created specific suncare lines by taking the most advanced technologies into the field. Among the features there are full light protection (therefore also on infrared and visible light, co-responsible for photo-aging), and textures with special polymers which, creating a resistant and protective film on the skin, increase resistance to water and sweat.

And after sport …

The skin stressed by activity, heat, light then needs to be cleansed with particular delicacy: choose products that remove, in addition to sweat, also the residues of the sunscreens. Ok to a cleansing oil, which cleans by affinity. It is then the moment of after sun: excellent fresh textures, with menthol that gives immediate relief. Avoid products with alcohol and petrolatum, prefer those with soothing vegetable oils such as aloe, argan, calendula.

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