How to raise the immune system?

How to raise the immune system?

Raising the immune system is possible, just follow a correct and specific diet

Every year winter comes with not only the cold, but also seasonal ailments. Raising the immune system is a good solution, it can be done by following some good habits to keep all season and that do not require the use of medicines. What is it about? First of all you need to keep a proper diet, in fact there are some products that act as immune help as medicines would. Obviously in a natural way and without any contraindication for health.

Garlic is one of the most important elements in human nutrition. Thanks to its rich content of allicin and sulfide, it is an excellent deterrent for infections, and a product that helps the body to expel toxins and even cancer cells. Despite the excellent properties it possesses, it is still underutilized in the food sector, but certainly to be immediately included in your diet.

Citrus fruits as you know are rich in vitamin C, and already known as those products that help the human body to react to flu symptoms. A good rule of thumb, however, is to consume this type of fruit as much as possible during the months of the year, as they act as a prevention to combat seasonal ailments in winter. They also strengthen the immune system.

To strengthen the immune defenses are also carrots and their beta carotene. This substance has the prerogative to fight more than one problem: it prevents infections, helps the development of substances capable of eliminating cancer cells and also fighting free radicals.
Carrots are also a very tasty food that can be cooked in many ways without losing its healthy potential.

Two good behavioral rules to keep in order to strengthen the immune defenses are these:
– Rest a lot. Lack of sleep exposes the body to a state of stress that is harmful to physical health. – Quit smoking because tobacco promotes the formation of mucus and respiratory problems that leave room for viruses and diseases, not having immune defenses capable of fighting them.

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