How to rediscover the pleasure of reading: 3 tips

According to recent Istat data, in 2020 only the 41.4% of the population aged 6 and over has read at least one book. “We read little because digital devices absorb our attention,” he comments Patrizia Vaccaro, psychotherapist in Milan. “Instead we should re-evaluate the many benefits of this activity: it trains the brain, improves concentration and memory and allows us to shift the focus on the content we choose, instead of staying on social media, bombarded with information that flows in front of us based on choices of others », continues the expert.

An American research from the New School for Social Research in New York states that reading also increases empathy because you put yourself in the shoes of others by identifying with the protagonists of the books. «Not only that: it is a moment of meditation to learn to be with oneself and it is useful for suspending brooding: that is, recurring thoughts that torment us. However, it is aactivity that needs to be trained. Here are 3 useful tips to regain the pleasure of reading », concludes the psychotherapist.

  • 1. Establish a routine

    You complain that you can’t find a break to read. Mobile phone in hand, set a time of day to dedicate to reading. When the phone alert rings, you will have no more excuses. And the routine allows you to maintain a certain regularity.

  • 2. Choose the right moment for a certain book

    Do you yawn at the second sentence? Maybe you choose the wrong books or it’s not the right time to read them. A complex essay will be easier to read at lunchtime, when attention is highest and eyesight less tired. For the evening, focus on novels and comics.

  • 3. Breathe deeply

    Before starting, bring your attention to your body position and your breath. And listen to the images and thoughts that produce the content you are reading. Like this reading will become a relaxing break even in a noisy or crowded environment.

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