How to reduce bags under the eyes with a spoon

Bags under the eyes are a small and annoying blemish, which can be easily reduced with a quick and easy trick

Bags under the eyes, an age-old issue against which many of us fight. There are many ways to make a look blurred by this common and widespread imperfection shine again.

The reasons for their appearance can be many: they range from tiredness to lack of sleep, without forgetting some excess at the table. These are all causes that can cause a pool of fluids in the area under the eyes. But do not despair: one of the so-called “grandmother’s remedies” comes to the rescue, a trick so simple and effective that it can solve the problem in just a few minutes. A spoon is enough to reduce bags under the eyes: seeing is believing!

Bags under the eyes, how to reduce them with a spoon

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When we sleep little, we suffer from seasonal allergies, we are particularly tired and stressed, we stay up late (and maybe we allow ourselves an extra glass of our favorite wine) our face is the first to suffer. And often one of the most annoying signs to the eye are the bags under the eyes, a stagnation of liquids in the eye area that results in a slight swelling.

The delicate and sensitive skin around the eyes, thinner than in other areas, is in fact one of the first parts of the body to show signs of stress. Nothing to worry about, it is clear, but there is a simple and effective way to reduce this small imperfection.

If you really have no way to recover lost sleep with a good night’s sleep, there is a way to decongest the bags under the eyes in a few minutes, as an old grandmother’s remedy teaches us. It is a very fast method, which involves the use of an object, which everyone, absolutely everyone, has at home: a spoon.

Just take two metal spoons and leave them in the refrigerator for half an hour. Once cold, the spoons should be placed on closed eyes, so that the back of the cutlery rests on the eyelid and on the skin immediately underneath. Leave on for about ten minutes: the cold will help to dispose of swelling, also stimulating blood circulation.

A no-cost solution that will immediately give you a rested and radiant look.

Bags under the eyes, other methods of reducing them

Unless it is a hereditary factor (just think of the actress Carolina Crescentini who made it her distinctive trait), bags under the eyes can be easily reduced with tricks with guaranteed results.

In addition to the cold spoons, it is possible to use cold cucumber slices, which in place for 15 minutes help to deflate the area under the eyes, giving brightness to the skin. Aloe vera is also one of the natural remedies that best fight bags under the eyes, because it nourishes, hydrates and tones the skin, restoring its softness and brightness.

Another grandmother’s remedy is that of tea bags: in the morning, instead of coffee, you can drink a nice cup of them by taking advantage of a home remedy. Put them in the freezer for 5 minutes and then apply them under the eyes for 10 minutes.

The simplest solution, however, is to drink more: always staying well hydrated is essential to help the body drain excess fluids, even those from bags under the eyes.

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