How to reduce calories at lunch: here are the tricks for not gaining weight

How to reduce calories at lunch: here are the tricks for not gaining weight

If we think we eat more at lunch than at other meals, here are the tricks to reduce calories and not gain weight.

Many a lunch eat more than other meals, thinking that “there is a lot then the whole day to dispose of”. But when we want to lose weight we should consume meals in a balanced way.

This means that for lunch we will have to reserve about the 35-40% of the calories introduced during the day. This therefore does not mean that we must exceed and get the index to 60% or 70% otherwise we will nullify any attempt at diet.

Instead, distributing calories in a balanced way throughout the day e reducing those we introduce at lunch we can start losing weight: let’s find out the tricks.

Here are the tricks for cutting calories at lunch

What is the recommended daily caloric distribution? If we are talking about people in good health and who do not suffer from particular pathologies the calorie requirement of a day type should be divided as follows:

reduce lunch calories

Source: Canva
  • Breakfast: 15-20%
  • Mid-morning snack: 5%
  • Lunch: 35-40%
  • Mid-afternoon snack: 5%
  • Dinner: 30-35%

This breakdown allows the body to distribute energy throughout the day without encountering nutritional deficiencies or surpluses.

For the quantity of calories it all depends on whether or not you have to follow a low-calorie diet. If the need is to lose weight they will certainly have to be reduced with a consultation from a nutritionist which is always the best option.

Normally an adult who is in good health has a caloric requirement of approximately 2000 calories per day. And so if we followed this breakdown we should consider:

  • Breakfast: 300-400 kcal
  • Mid-morning snack: 100 kcal
  • Lunch: 700-800 kcal
  • Mid-afternoon snack: 100 kcal
  • Dinner: 600-700 kcal

But now what interests us here is to understand how to reduce calories at lunch because the goal is to lose weight. So let’s find out what the tricks useful to know in order not to gain weight and in any case nourish ourselves sufficiently.

1) Avoid combining pasta, bread and potatoes. For a balanced diet we must choose what to include among one of these three foods. Putting them all together, or even two out of three creates a carbohydrate surplus. Therefore, the best solution is to choose what to eat and prepare a portion of only one of these foods. The next day we will consume the other. If we want to give an example, on Monday for lunch we will prepare a plate of pasta. On Tuesday for lunch a potato salad and on Wednesday for lunch we will eat bread combining it with, for example, a lean sliced ​​or a portion of meat or fish.

2) Weigh the pasta. The day we decide to add pasta for lunch we will have to weigh it. Although many think it is not important, it is instead necessary to know how many carbohydrates we introduce. For vegetables it is not necessary but for pasta it is better to do it, also because it is always good not to exceed 80 grams if you want to lose weight.

3) Consume a salad before meals. Another winning strategy is to consume a salad before the meal so that when we go to eat our dish we will already be full enough.

4) Limit elaborate sauces and dressings. Another trick to reducing calories is to avoid seasoning pasta with heavy, fat-based sauces. Better to limit yourself to a sauce of fresh tomatoes, or vegetables such as carrots, courgettes and so on.

5) Do not eliminate the extra virgin olive oil. In fact, it provides the so-called good fats that is unsaturated ones. So used in the right quantities it brings benefits to the body.

6) Always have a full meal. This means that in the right quantities we will have to include both carbohydrates and proteins in the lunch.

7) Avoid alcohol. The colleague who invites us to an aperitif before lunch, or if we eat at the restaurant have a glass of wine, better to avoid them. Here you can also find out how to save calories if you eat away from home. In this way we will avoid introducing many calories.

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