How to rejuvenate the eye area

How to rejuvenate the eye area

The eye contour is a very delicate area of ​​the face, from which the age shines. To look younger take care of it: we'll explain how

How to rejuvenate the eye area

Even a woman with cured skin and few signs of aging on her face has her weak point: the eye area. The skin of this area is different from the rest of the face, extremely delicate, thin and therefore subject to the formation of expression wrinkles. Year after year, the dermis thins more and more, letting the time that inevitably passes reveal. So how to take care of the eye area? Follow our advice.

Let's start with the table, since it is important to remember that we are what we eat. A healthy diet will help our skin stay young. Yes therefore to fresh fruits and vegetables, lots of natural water, no to fatty foods and alcohol (here are the foods that smooth wrinkles).

The daily beauty routine is very important. Do not forget to remove make-up from your face in the evening, and even if you don't make up, remember to cleanse your face to eliminate impurities that settle during the day and moisturize your face. An additional help can provide you with facial gymnastics, for a DIY facelift.

Do not forget then to sleep a sufficient number of hours: if at 20 you can do the revel and wake up fresh as a rose, after 30 it becomes an arduous task. Recall that the sun is beneficial but only if taken in small doses, so go easy on the tan, artificial and otherwise. Excessive exposure to sunlight and lamps causes the skin to age prematurely.

There are natural remedies. Let's start with the cucumber, which thanks to the high content of water hydrates the skin around the eyes. Lemon essential oil is indicated to counter crow's feet and dark circles; just mix a few drops in a basic oil (like sweet almond oil) and apply the mixture with a little gauze. Honey is an excellent natural ally of beauty, given its emollient, anti-oxidant and repairing properties that make the skin elastic and velvety. You can mix it with sweet almond oil, mixing two tablespoons of honey and a teaspoon of oil: just let the mixture rest for a few minutes so that it coagulates, and apply around the eye area for about ten minutes. Rinse with warm water.

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