How to remove make-up and cleanse the skin so as not to irritate it but to clean it thoroughly

How to remove make-up and cleanse the skin so as not to irritate it but to clean it thoroughly

Removing make-up and cleaning the skin every day is essential to keep it healthy, radiant and prevent wrinkles: here's how to avoid irritating it

They will have told you many and many times: removing make-up from the skin is a fundamental step in the skincare routine. As soon as we get home, the first thing you do is take off your scarf, coat and put on comfortable clothes to take off what we have worn during the day, perhaps sitting on public transport or in bars and restaurants, where everyone sits. And we would never dream of getting under the covers with the clothes we went out in. The same thing happens with the skin. Think of the makeup we put on, foundation, concealer and powder or, for those who don't use them, serum, cream and sunscreen. Then imagine being away from home all day, walking in the middle of the city full of smog. Under normal conditions, inadvertently touching our face, greeting and talking to people and, in the specific period, always wearing the mask on the skin, breathing in continuously. Well, don't you feel like washing your face right away?

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Thorough cleansing is essential to keep it not only clean, but above all to avoid premature aging and the appearance of wrinkles, spots, the onset of pimples and impurities or, on the contrary, dryness and dehydration.
But how to clean the skin thoroughly, without irritating it, especially since we use the masks?

Better to avoid makeup remover wipes that pollute and are too aggressive

The first big imperative is to avoid using make-up remover wipes as much as possible. In fact, the fabric is often too rough in contact with the skin and, being already soaked in the product, it is necessary to pass them over and over again on the face to eliminate any residual product and make-up. This in the long run can redden the skin and sensitize it, in a period in which it is already subjected to great stress, both for the cold and the wind, and for the mask always present to plug it.

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If you really can't do without them, use them after wetting and massaging your face with warm water, so that you have already slightly dissolved the makeup. It is better not to use them also because they pollute the environment a lot as they are never recycled, contained in plastic packaging and because using at least one a day they are consumed immediately.

Make-up remover pads yes, but better if they are reusable

Same thing for the make-up remover pads, useful but often rough on the skin. Continuous rubbing, especially in the periocular area, in addition to inflammation and redness of the skin, can cause premature aging of the skin in the long term, marking the eye contour. And the weather is not particularly forgiving, do we also want to make it worse with our hands? An excellent solution is to use ecological and reusable pads: they are created with cotton or bamboo fibers and are used exactly like the classic disposable. Except that, once used, they are put in the basket of clothes and washed in the washing machine, taking care to put them all in a net so as not to lose them or get stuck in the filter. They are also excellent for applying the tonic because they are very soft and comfortable on the skin and, if desired, they can also be washed by hand immediately after using them.

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Try the double cleansing, effective but delicate

One of the most effective ways to make sure you remove all impurities and dirt from the skin without attacking or reddening it is double cleansing. True, it is slightly longer than normal, but able to thoroughly clean the skin without stressing it minimally. It consists of first using a greasy product to dissolve makeup and impurities and then a foaming cleanser, to remove product residues and end up with a completely clean and clean face.

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For the oily part you can choose to use a cleansing oil or a butter, choosing it according to your needs. The only drawback of these products is that they may like to leave a patina on the eyes but it is a sensation that disappears as soon as they are removed with the second step. Take a knob of product and massage all over the face, including eyes and eyelashes, for a very delicate make-up removal, which does not weaken them. Once the makeup is dissolved, most of the product is rinsed with water and then continued with the application of the detergent. Whether it is a gel or a foam, massage it into the skin to remove the residues of makeup, product and dirt, dry and proceed with your normal skincare routine.

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