How to remove mascara make-up well so as not to damage the lashes

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How to remove mascara without damaging the lashes? If too many lashes fall out when you remove make-up, follow these tips to remove mascara well

Removing mascara make-up is essential for healthy, thick and strong lashes. Mascara is perhaps the most used cosmetic, because it instantly defines the eyes, awakening the gaze and making the look immediately neat and tidy. But it often happens to remove make-up and see too many fallen eyelashes, without understanding why. It could be the mascara but, more likely, the gestuelle to remove the mascara well. So does mascara ruin lashes? Let’s see together how to remove mascara without damaging the lashes and how to remove mascara without make-up remover.

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  • Does mascara ruin lashes?
  • Choosing the right products: pads and make-up removers
  • How to remove mascara make-up well and how to remove mascara without damaging the lashes?

Does mascara ruin lashes?

Mascara ruins eyelashes is perhaps one of the questions that most concern the world of mascara, this is because often when you remove your make-up you happen to see fallen eyelashes that immediately set off an alarm bell. Let’s start by saying that about two lashes fall out a day and you have to pay attention only in case you lose more than usual. First of all it is good to understand if you are allergic to some component and try to replace the old mascara with a hypoallergenic one, without parabens and without Propylene Glycol.

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Surely wearing mascara every day and using it incorrectly can lead to greater eyelash loss, as if we were wearing foundation 24 hours a day or filling hair with hairspray without washing it for a week. Despite the oils and waxes present inside the mascara, other substances can lead, in the long run, to dry lashes and therefore to make them fall out more quickly.

First of all, therefore, the frequency of use is important but above all how many hours you wear the mascara. Just as in the evening we remove make-up from the skin and leave it free from cosmetic products for 6-10 hours, so we should also do with the eyelashes. Avoid using mascara if you are at home and don’t have to go out and remove your make-up every night, removing any residue. If you really can’t see yourself without mascara, try eyelash lamination, an aesthetic treatment that allows you to curl and color your lashes, for a truly natural eye-defined effect.

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Also pay attention to the PAO (Period After Opening) of the mascara, or the expiration date after opening: not only does the mascara dry out and no longer act as it should, but it could become a receptacle for germs and bacteria as it is exposed to air and that the brush is repeatedly passed over the eyes and then inserted back into the tube. Even if not finished yet, once the PAO has passed it would be better to replace it with a new one.

But what actually speeds up the lashing process is definitely the way the mascara removes make-up. In general, an excellent facial cleansing is essential, especially in the evening, when toxins, smog and makeup accumulate. Not removing make-up can dry out the skin, but can cause fine lines, pimples, blackheads and various allergies, such as conjunctivitis and blepharitis for the eyes.

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Choosing the right products: pads and make-up removers

Let’s learn how to remove mascara well, therefore, starting from the choice of the right products. As for the make-up remover pads it would be better to use those made of 100% organic cotton, which are softer and do not irritate the skin. Better then, because they are good for the environment and are even more delicate on the skin, choose washable and reusable ecological pads. They are made of natural fibers and can be washed by hand or directly in the washing machine, with a considerable economic saving and a decidedly less waste.

As for the makeup remover, however, the type is chosen based on the makeup and skin. For sensitive skin, micellar water is better, more delicate because with lighter surfactants and in lesser quantities, classic make-up removers are good for all types of skin. For waterproof makeup or if you wear a lot of makeup, it is better to use biphasic makeup removers, i.e. one part of liquid makeup remover and one part of oil, which dissolve the makeup faster and easier.

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Another category are butters and make-up remover oils, which are applied directly by massaging them with your fingers and dissolve any type of makeup in a short time, even the most resistant. They may not appeal to everyone, as many tend to have a misty effect on the eyes, which however goes away once any residue is removed. Each make-up remover, in fact, must then be rinsed off but, in the case of biphasics or butters and oils, it is also necessary to use a foaming cleanser to eliminate what remains on the face.

How to remove mascara make-up well and how to remove mascara without damaging the lashes?

After choosing the right products, it’s time to learn the gestuelle to remove mascara well without damaging the lashes. In fact, you don’t have to rub repeatedly to try to remove the mascara because this not only weakens the eyelashes, but also irritates the skin. If you wear contact lenses, remember to remove them before removing make-up and, first of all, wet your eyelashes with a little warm water, a trick that will allow some of the mascara to dissolve thus making it easier to remove.

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We have seen how make-up remover butters are massaged directly with the fingers, but in the case of biphasic make-up removers or micellar waters, just soak a disk and place it on closed eyes, letting the product act for a few seconds, pressing gently. After leaving it on, with a movement from the bottom upwards, following the trend of the lashes, the mascara is removed.

There are also mascaras that can be removed with water: they have thermo-sensitive formulas that resist tears, sweat and humidity but that in contact with hot water dissolve, without the need for makeup removers, pads and rubbing. Still different are the sheath mascaras, very resistant during the day even if they are not waterproof but they remove make-up by pulling them off the lashes and never dissolve completely. Imagine the lashes covered with a glove or a sheath that with water and a slight pressure come off instead of dissolving: do not worry so if you find some pieces between your fingers because they are not lashes, but residues of mascara.

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