How to replace butter in desserts, 5 alternatives to try

How to replace butter in desserts, 5 alternatives to try

Are you having trouble imagining desserts prepared without butter? Actually there are ingredients that can replace it and make your sweets lighter. Here are what they are.

Light desserts: alternatives to the use of butter

To treat yourself to a slightly lighter dessert, just replace the butter with one of the possible alternatives. You will probably have to practice to find the right mix that allows you to have the desired consistency, humidity and flavor, since these ingredients can modify these aspects, but it will be fun to experiment. The first few times you can also only partially replace the butter and see what happens and then replace it completely as soon as you understand the ideal proportions.

Greek yogurt
Greek yogurt can be a valid alternative to butter, but be careful that the dough is likely to be wetter. The inconvenience can be mitigated by reducing only instead of completely eliminating the butter. Consider indicatively that half of the expected amount of butter can be replaced by a quarter of yogurt, so if the original recipe calls for 100 g of butter, use 50 g of butter and 25 g of Greek yogurt.

Avocado cream
Never before has avocado been so successful. It is increasingly popular, also because of its beneficial nutritional composition. Among the many uses that can be made of this fruit there is also that of replacing butter, on the other hand, its consistency is oily and creamy. Like? Reducing it to puree and using it in quantities equal to that of the butter in the recipe.

Pumpkin passed
Cut the flesh of a pumpkin into pieces and boil it, until it becomes so soft that it can be comfortably transformed into a creamy mixture with a potato masher. Add 75% of the butter dose reported in the recipe, so if for example 100 g of butter are used, use 75 g of pumpkin puree.

Apple pulp
Cook 1 kg of apples, previously peeled and cut into small pieces, with 1 coffee cup of water for about 45-50 minutes. Slowly the apples will leave room for a firm puree that you can use instead of the butter, also in this case use the same quantity of apple puree provided for the butter.

Mashed banana
Turn very ripe bananas into a soft cream by mashing them with a fork and in the preparation of the dessert, put the same amount of pasta thus obtained as that of the butter indicated in the recipe.

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