How to seduce the zodiac signs using the culinary art

You can win the heart of whoever you want through the culinary art. Find out his zodiac sign and the stars will tell you what to do.

Our astrological affiliation gives us a distinct personality. Our way of being also affects our relationship with food. Here’s how cconquer every zodiac sign at the table, the stars reveal the tastes of each sign, come on favorite foods and how to present them.

zodiac signs culinary art

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Food is a constant in our life. We feed ourselves every day to satisfy our appetite and to ensure our survival. Love and food have a special bond, so much so that it is said that love passes through the stomach. Indeed it is possible to seduce someone through food, you just need to know its tastesthe. The stars reveal how to use the culinary art to conquer each zodiac sign.

The seduction of the zodiac signs becomes culinary

Take each zodiac sign by the throat, serve the right food in the perfect setting and everything will become very sensual. We have already revealed to you the fruit that increases the vitality of each zodiac sign, today the stars reveal to you how to use food in a sensual way.

zodiac signs culinary art

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We all have at the table different preferences but the astrologers have observed that there are similarities between the different preferences of the zodiac signs and these can be traced back to their elements of belonging: fire, earth, air and water. Find out how the element of each zodiac sign affects their culinary tastes.

How to use food to conquer the signs of FIRE: Aries, Leo and Sagittarius

Fire signs are full of energy, hyperactive and hot. They never stop, except to eat. At the table they want to taste the food that is offered and given to them much importance to appearance. The eye wants its part and therefore the dish should be presented flawlessly, with a lot of care. The plate for the fire signs symbolizes how much importance you give them. These signs love to be surprised and get hit, also they are attracted by luxury and what is beautiful. Is exotic dishes, but also substantial since their energy expenditure is very high. Is steaks, skewers and grilled meat but as long as they are expertly spiced, and don’t forget the Side Dishesprefer unusual dishes such as couscous with mint and pomegranate seeds.

Obviously the meat you grill must be as prized as the Black Angus with pink pepper scented with truffle oil.

Serve all in one elegant and clean locationon very fine porcelain plates, silver cutlery, strictly cloth napkins and don’t forget to combine it all with a excellent wine.

How to conquer the signs of EARTH: Capricorn, Taurus and Virgo

The signs of the earth are very sensitive to home cooking, typical dishes, served casually. These signs appreciate food even if it is served on a paper tablecloth. The earth signs are calm, they opt for substance rather than appearance. If you want to win them over, serve them abundant food but there are some differences that are worth pointing out.

The bull love well-seasoned dishes, let them be enriched with butter, cream and bacon and don’t miss a pint of beer.

The Virgin she is very healthy, she does not like to sin by gluttony, for her the perfect dish is a dish well balanced in taste and caloriesas the sushi or a chicken breast with asparagus, peas and carrots.

The Capricorn it is a cross between a healthy and high quality diet and some excess of taste. Let’s say that if you make him a hamburger instead of fries he would prefer baked ones to compensate or a salad.

zodiac signs culinary art

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How to seduce AIR signs: Libra, Gemini and Aquarius

The air signs are whimsical and original and love the variety. They are the perfect signs for the finger food, buffet of all kinds of delicacies served in small portions. These signs in front of the food presented and served in a different way, with various and cheering colors pardon head completely. These signs love to experiment at the table, to taste new tastes. The twins adore the dishes in small portions that you can eat with your hands, the Aquarius loves Chinese food and sharing their main dishes with other diners.

For Libra the important thing is that the location is elegant and sophisticated, it is very sensitive to the objects used for the furniture and if they do not feel comfortable, their stomach closes.

How to seduce the signs of WATER: Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces

And now let’s move on to the water signs. We are faced with signs that use the food as a means of sharinga dinner is a great way to being together and chatting, moving things, feeling close. They are the most emotional and sensitive signs of the zodiac. At the table they want to feel at ease, they love everything associated with a memory, for example the food that their grandmother prepared for them on the weekend. For them, the taste and smell of food, precisely because they favor the memory. Try to glean this information from the water signs and as you enjoy the food share stories with him, told at mealtimes. Your stories will interest them more than what’s on their plate. Is traditional foods, for example chicken broth, ravioli with butter and sage or spaghetti with clams. Remember that their sensitivity and concern for other living beings often leads them to choose to be vegetarian or vegan.