How to slim your thighs, from feeding to treatments

How to slim your thighs, from feeding to treatments

Are your big legs your wrath? Here's what to eat and what activities to do to improve its appearance

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According to nutritionists and nutritionists, localized weight loss does not exist. Therefore, do not believe in the efficacy of miracle products. The only method to lose accumulated fat and cellulite and slim down the thighs is a combined diet, beauty treatments and physical activity program. Here is how to slim your thighs and lose weight at the same time.

– Keep fat intake to a minimum. The only solution to losing weight is to monitor your diet and limit your intake of fatty foods.
– Eliminate cold cuts, fried foods and greasy dishes.
– Replace starchy foods with proteins. Thanks to the proteins (eggs, poultry, lean meats, fish) the muscles replace the fat: so much gained for the thighs.
– If consumed in the evening, starchy foods (pasta, rice) are stored, so it is better to consume them for lunch, but in moderation.
– Drink lots of water. The thighs are the part of the body that is most affected by water retention, so you have to constantly drain them. Drink at least a liter and a half of water a day to eliminate toxins and make extensive use of soups and hot drinks like tea.
– Try to eliminate as much salt as possible, because it promotes water retention. Beware of ready meals, which often contain a lot of them and also sparkling water.
– Avoid sugar: it is not good for the line and in addition it increases the circumference of the thighs and buttocks. No to sweets, desserts, ice creams but also fizzy and alcoholic drinks.
– Eat lots of fruit and vegetables. Rich in vitamins and minerals, fruits and vegetables are excellent for health but also for the line, as they contain few calories.

– The creams. Based on caffeine or guarana, refreshing or thermally effective, there are many creams on the market designed to thin thighs and eliminate cellulite. The cream is much more effective if it is associated with a lymphatic drainage massage, which reactivates the blood circulation.
– The cold shower. Grandma's remedy, the cold shower, however unpleasant, has proved its effectiveness. After taking a bath or shower, apply a jet of cold water to your thighs: you will reactivate the circulation and tone your skin.
– Lymphatic drainage. This technique consists in stimulating the lymph through manual pressures that fight the feeling of heaviness in the legs and eliminate cellulite. Lymphatic drainage is practiced in institutions at least once or twice a month.

– Swimming is a complete sport that makes the whole body work, especially the thighs. To work the muscles in depth, use the fins, which increase the effort. The aquagym will allow you to make movements less abrupt but no less effective.
– Jogging is the sport that allows you to get dream legs. The prolonged effort makes it possible to burn fat and therefore to become leaner. We advise you to run for at least half an hour or more, but be careful to wear suitable shoes, otherwise you risk hurting your joints.
– Skating is a fun sport that you can practice for a long time and without getting too tired, the rollerblades will make you get thighs and steel buttocks.
– Brisk walking: to have nice legs is the easiest activity to do. Take advantage of every opportunity to walk a little, go on foot to go shopping, avoid taking the bus if you only need to make two stops. And no elevator! Getting into the habit of walking up stairs is easy and makes your thigh muscles work.
– Dance: if you don't like sports, try to choose the dance. It greatly stimulates the muscles of the legs, in particular the Latin American dances or the African dances.
– The bike. The bicycle allows you to work your leg muscles gently and, in addition, it is easy to find the time to do it: you can go to work by bicycle or make small movements. When the weather is good, the bicycle is more pleasant than public transport.

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