How to start running: easy program

How to start running: easy program

An easy program to start running and enjoy the benefits of this practice that involves the whole body and improves mood


  • Choosing to run: 5 wonderful benefits
    • Lose weight
    • Improve mood
    • Contact the body
    • Tone and strengthen
    • Sense of freedom
  • A program to start running
    • First week
    • Second week
    • Third week
    • Fourth week
  • Advice on shoes and terrain

Choosing to run: 5 wonderful benefits

Choosing to start running has enormous benefits for the whole body and for the psyche. In fact, there are no age limits to start running, only precautions that are connected to the previous motor history, to any injuries and postural defects. We know that running "shortens", creates small microtraumas to the spine, but if we do it well and with the right attention we can enjoy all the benefits of running. Let's see some of them:

Lose weight

Running is an effective and fast way to lose weight, even in an important way. You burn a lot of calories, especially if you do it under the sun (not really in the hot hours, otherwise it becomes absolutely counterproductive). The metabolism accelerates and lowers both blood sugar levels and cholesterol levels (all this combats diabetes and hypercholesterolemia).

Improve mood

The sense of well-being increases as well as satisfaction and euphoria. You can gradually challenge yourself over kilometers, routes, times, without becoming obsessed with them, but going to enjoy the variations and gradual developments of your strength and endurance.

Contact the body

The best would be to combine the running with total body strengthening exercises that increase general toning in order to contact the management of your mass in static even better. Before starting with running training, it would be good not to be too overweight, to avoid weighing down the spine too much and then being affected at the lumbar level. Better therefore to lose weight, going to remove sweets and / or excess alcohol consumption.

Tone and strengthen

Strengthening with running are not only the muscles that protect the bones but also the heart, which improves the effectiveness of the rhythm and elastic tone. Running improves the trophism of the bones and thus prevents osteoporosis. The muscles are continually called upon to cushion and cushion and the work of stabilizing the abdomen is also not indifferent.

Sense of freedom

As one of our good writers, Giorgio Faletti, well described, "the important thing is not what you find at the end of the race, but what you feel while you are running". And what you often feel resembles a great sense of fluidity, freedom. Running also vent many emotions that risk turning against us such as anger or rage. Even when we have emotions of joy, run the crown. It therefore becomes like a modulator of our moods and helps to awaken an animal sense of free state.

A program to start running

This easy program allows you to increase cardio-vascular and respiratory efficiency and allows you to gradually develop strength and endurance. Great for total beginners or for those who resume running after a long period of rest. The program covers 4 weeks and allows you to grow in your own time.

First week

Always take a recovery day between runs.

  • Day 1: Start by walking for 2 minutes and then running for 1 minute. You should walk with your legs loose and soft and feeling the strength in your back. Repeat the sequence 5 times.
  • Day Two: Start by running 3 and walking 1. Repeat 6 times.
  • Day Three: Begin by running 3 and walking 1. Repeat 8 times, for a final total of 32 minutes.

Be specific, determined and you will feel differences already in the first week.

Second week

Always keep a recovery day between workouts.

  • First day: start with running for 4 minutes and continue walking for 2 minutes. Repeat 4 times.
  • Second day: run 6 minutes and walk 2, repeating 3 times.
  • Third day: run 8 minutes and walk 2 repeating 4 times.

Third week

Continue to alternate running days with a rest day.

  • First day: start with running for 10 minutes and continue walking for 2 minutes. Repeat this twice.
  • Second day: run 12 minutes and walk 2. Repeat 2 times.
  • Third day: run 15 minutes and walk 2. Repeat 2 times.

Fourth week

The fourth week tends to reach a total run of 30 minutes and the first two days represent a tension towards this result. Also in this case, there is a recovery day between one training session and the next.

  • First day: start with running for 15 minutes and continue walking for 2 minutes. Repeat this twice.
  • Second day: same as the first.
  • Third day: 30 minute ride.

This pattern gradually trains all the muscles, accustoms the body and provides a lot of satisfaction in the short term.

Advice on shoes and terrain

You should make sure that you have appropriate running shoes and that they have not been used for too long. The asphalt is not the best terrain for running, the foot recognizes it as a single and always the same stretch, at least suitable for the foot, which would continually need to adapt. So it would be good to find lands that are not too rough but slightly challenge proprioception. You should alternate running with cross training or strength training sessions to reduce the risk of injury, involve various muscle groups, increase flexibility and add a routine that varies and adds to the work of running. Also excellent to alternate with cycling and swimming.

Don't forget to warm up before running and to stretch after the run, doing adequate stretching that involves all muscle groups. Prefer a static stretching that favors the muscle fibers and stretches them with harmony and slowness.


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