How to stop children from acting up

How to stop children from acting up

Children and tantrums? Quitting is possible, here are some useful tips for all mothers to best treat the irascibility of the little ones

Children and tantrums: stop crying? Sometimes it just seems that they don't want to know. But it is completely normal, on the other hand the children live in their small world and often something that for an adult seems of little importance, for them it assumes a vital importance. This is why children, especially the most restless, cannot resist and can lead to long crying and tantrums. We therefore need to act cunning and treat our little ones in the best way during these difficult times.

There are many parents who do not know how to act in such circumstances. Keep in mind that this emotional state of children should not be underestimated, as it causes stress and can affect their health. If you really can't manage your child's scenes anymore, here are some methods recommended by expert pedagogists to put an end to whims in a short time. First and foremost it is essential to avoid pressure, if your child does not follow the right rules like doing homework and brushing his teeth before sleeping, avoid severely scolding him.

Simply the following day you begin to deprive him of his favorite snack, because brushing his teeth is essential above all for the intake of sweets and sugars. Are the living room toys not placed in their order? It will be enough to avoid punishments and make the child understand that they will be definitively taken away. In a short time he will understand the lesson and contribute to the order. A very common event is that of the child who screams and cries at the supermarket, attracting everyone's attention, while the parents are intent on shopping. How to handle this situation? It is very important not to give in and not indulge the whims of the child, in order to convey the right discipline. With a little calm and patience he will pass.

Children very often tend to imitate the habits of adults and therefore have a tantrum when it comes to going to bed early. They therefore begin to ask numerous questions and ask why an adult can stay up late, because in this way they seek a confrontation. In this regard it is advisable to have the right dialogue, being careful not to justify yourself too much to make the child understand that following the rules is essential for his well-being.

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