How to store shortcrust pastry: tricks to always have it available

How to store shortcrust pastry: tricks to always have it available

Here’s how to preserve shortcrust pastry, a basic dough widely used in the kitchen: let’s find out the tricks to always have it available.

There shortcrust pastry is one of the basic pastry preparations and lends itself well to many recipes. Pies, biscuits, tartlets, crumbled, and so on. Based on eggs, flour, butter, sugar and flavorings when preparing it we can also make more of it so as to always have it available.

store shortcrust pastry

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Let’s think, for example, of the convenience of being able to take it out of the freezer and create our cookies. In short, a real turning point. Not only that, without having to dirty the equipment in the kitchen every time we can make a good quantity of it so as to always have it ready when needed.

But how is shortcrust pastry preserved? Not everyone knows what the rules are to keep it always good so you can make fragrant desserts. Let’s find out then how to preserve shortcrust pastry thanks to little tricks and secrets.

Here are the tricks for storing shortcrust pastry

There Perfect shortcrust pastry can be made, just follow a few small tips to make it fragrant and crumbly. A dough that is easy to make and that we can prepare in quantity so that it is always available to prepare our desserts.

store shortcrust pastry

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Preserving the shortcrust pastry is in fact very simple and by following some steps it will be even more so. Finally, let’s not forget not to make any preparation mistakes. For example here you can find out how to fix it if it gets sticky.

Not just often when yes spreads in the mold the risk is to see it break, so then just adopt this little trick. In the end, if the pastry goes crazy we can remedy the mistakes like this.

And now that we have discovered all these secrets about shortcrust pastry, we just have to find out how we must keep it at its best so that it is always ready to use for our tarts and biscuits.

1) Refrigerator. If we are interested in keeping our shortcrust pastry for a few days we can also opt for the refrigerator. In this case, if we put it here we must know that we can keep it for 3-4 days at most. But let’s not forget to close it properly. In the meantime, either we make a single stick of it, or we can make it into balls depending on how much we will then have to use. Cover it with cling film, then transfer it to food bags and close them with a wire, an elastic band or a suitable clothespin. However, it is important to close the bags well otherwise the air could ruin the pastry. Not only the smells present in the refrigerator could transfer to the dough. Better then to seal each ball individually so as not to have to open the bag every time if we only need one of them. Once the pastry is tightly closed all that remains is to place it in the refrigerator in the coolest area.

2) Freezer. If, on the other hand, we want to keep the shortcrust pastry for longer periods of time we will have to opt for the freezer, where we can keep it for up to a month. In this case we will be able to preserve the pastry with the same procedure that we used to put it in the refrigerator, but always choosing the ice packets or otherwise after having rolled it up we can put it inside an airtight container. Finally, let’s not forget to write the date on which we made it on a label, so as to regulate ourselves and not consume it too long afterwards.

If we have it stored in the refrigerator when we go to take it out will be harder than normal and difficult to work with, just keep it off a little and after about 15 minutes it should already be workable.

When the we remove from the freezer we will have to defrost it in the refrigerator, better to transfer it the night before to work it the following morning. And now all that remains is to try your hand at recipes with shortcrust pastry to prepare exquisite biscuits, pastries and pies.

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