How to strengthen fine hair: tips and tricks

How to strengthen fine hair: tips and tricks

Everything you need to know about what to do and not do when you have fine hair

By nature fine hair is more fragile and sensitive and more attention must be paid to its care. To preserve them in excellent health and defend them from external agents that could undermine their consistency and vitality, it is necessary to identify the causes and act accordingly. Taking care of the hair at its best is simple, with some tips.

The main causes of fine hair

In addition to a genetic factor, there are many causes of fine hair, including stress, taking some drugs, chemical treatments done with a certain regularity or action of atmospheric agents (such as sun and wind) and pollutants. If it is not possible to intervene on the genetic factor, making a healthy diet and following a few tricks can help you make your hair stronger and more voluminous.

Advice in case of fine hair

Avoid undergoing too often intensive and stressful treatments for the hair such as the permanent or the extensions. The choice of the right cut is fundamental: the scaled or pointed cuts are not ideal to give your hair a sense of volume and fullness. For this purpose, choose a full cut like the carré, which you can easily take care of even at home.

Thin hair: pay attention to washing

Pay attention to the way you wash, dry and comb your hair: choose light products and rinse them well so as to prevent product residues from weighing down the hair and making your hair even flatter. Do not use the hair dryer at maximum power, especially near the scalp, and gently brush the hair to avoid weakening it.

The recommended diet if you have fine hair

It is important to follow a healthy, varied and balanced diet. What is needed in particular to combat fine hair is the right amount of protein, vitamins and minerals, especially iron, as well as copper and zinc, so be sure to include dried fruit, fish, lentils, spinach and lean meat in your diet.

Small tricks to revive your look

To avoid having the classic smooth and flat look typical of fine hair, here are some tricks that you can use to have a cut that is always voluminous. If you have little time to dry your hair, sit upside down and direct the hair dryer to the root. When the hair is dry, lift your head vigorously and you will see that your hair will be much more substantial.

The curlers can help you get volume and a choppy look: just apply them between the strands after having almost completely dried the hair. Leave them on for at least 20 minutes or until the hair is completely dry. Once removed, comb your hair with your hands so as not to ruin the volume. Even the tint helps to give volume: if applied following the right times and without exaggeration, it makes the hair thicker: the coloring, in fact, wraps the hair giving it more body.

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