How to survive a narcissistic friend

How to survive a narcissistic friend

Narcissistic friend? Here are some useful tips to recognize all the pros and cons that very often characterize this type of woman

The narcissistic friend is very common and can easily get confused among people. Generally narcissism is associated with men, but in reality this characteristic unites many women, who appear to be altruistic and attractive people. Sometimes, however, you need to defend yourself from narcissists for your own safety. The vain woman in the field of friendship stands out for her lively and brilliant personality, as well as for her constant availability and kindness.

This attitude is aimed at a question of comfort, that is, the narcissistic friend takes the ball to take possession of the interests of the friends who happen in her clutches. She manages to be very astute, since she is able to show herself the right person to deal with the expectations of others. He will do everything to follow this goal because his main purpose is to amaze. He will start giving gifts or giving pleasant attentions. Of course, these small gestures could go unnoticed, since considered as normal in a relationship between two friends.

Sometimes, however, these attentions could be excessive and inadequate and therefore cause a feeling of discomfort. On the other hand, everything may seem smooth and pleasant so far, but slowly over time the narcissistic friend begins to reveal herself for what she really is. For example, it will always tend to put its needs first, forcing you to change your plans. Although you are used to being very kind and available to her, the narcissistic friend is never satisfied with your actions, sometimes proving to be insidious and lying.

Not only that, it will start to make you feel inferior, as it will tend to take an authoritarian attitude. At this point it is advisable to let it go and surround yourself with real friends, since it is not a relationship based on respect at all. Before encountering further disappointments, it is good to be aware of his superficial and egocentric personality. Avoid a confrontation and show yourself calm and kind to him. You will only have to move away from his tour gradually, as the narcissistic friend could unleash all his vengeful nature. It is therefore necessary to act wily to avoid ending up on his black list.

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