How to take care of the skin after the summer: 5 tips

Summer holidays are the best time of the year to recharge your batteries and rest both your mind and your body. This effect of well-being is also reflected on your skin and in order not to lose it during the colder seasons it is important to take care of yourself even after the summer.

technical uniform tan

Take some time for the skin care already in the first months ofAutumn allows you to slow down the effects of the change of seasons on your body and to minimize them as much as possible. During the autumn season, in fact, the skin tends to lose the tan acquired in the summer and tends to get stressed because of the jump in temperature.

Many people, due to the too much sun exposurebegin the autumn with a dermis already heavily damaged, with white sun spots on the skin and greater dryness.

How, then, to take skin care after summer?

The effects of sunlight on the skin

It is common knowledge that UV rays are not the skin’s best friend, even though we all love a summer tan and staying on the sun loungers for hours and hours. However, theexposure to the sun strongly stimulates the production of free radicalswhich, in turn, cause damage to the cellular structure and cause theskin aging.

THE sunrays reach the dermis and in the long run tend to damage the elastic fibers of the skin, such as the collagen and theelastintwo essential proteins that give tone and elasticity to people’s skin.

Who has one sensitive skinFurthermore, it is strongly affected by the effects of the sun’s rays on the skin, which can be more or less serious: dehydration, damage to the skin barrier, loss of tissue elasticity, loss of tone, the appearance of wrinkles or skin spots.

4 tips for skin care

To take care of the skin, there are some little good habits that can help a lot. Let’s see them together.

1. Scrub and peeling

Let it be scrub that the peeling they are two basic steps to one skin care to be carried out after the summer: they eliminate dead cells and help reduce skin peeling, thus allowing the skin to more easily receive the active ingredients of the cream that is going to be used at a later stage.

2. Hydrate

A skincare not only includes the use of skin products, but begins with proper hydration. Is critical drink a lot of water to hydrate the body from the inside and make the skin more elastic, luminous and compact.

3. Integrate antioxidant proteins

After the summer it is very important eat antioxidant foods And supplement proteins able to help repair sun damaged skin. Antioxidants are often found in supplements.

4. Counteract the hyper-pigmentation of the skin (eliminate spots)

Sunspots on the skin are a very common problem after the summer and with a skin treatment it is possible counteract the hyper-pigmentation of the skin with creams and lightening products that contain vitamin C, salicylic acid and natural extracts.

The treatment for spots on the skin it can be integrated with most skin care, however, to see any effect, it requires an application of at least 3 months.