How to take care of white hair to have it shiny and healthy

How to take care of white hair to have it shiny and healthy

Those who bleach them and those who decide not to dye them anymore and leave them natural, white hair is in fashion but needs special care

For years now, gray, salt and pepper and white hair have been a big trend, increasingly requested even by hairdressers. Young girls who require this type of look, women who have just a few white hairs or people tired of having to be slaves of dyes every two weeks to cover the regrowth. White hair is now in fashion and, if well cared for and combined with outfits and makeup, they give a whimsical, elegant and never banal look.

How do you get perfectly white hair?

It depends on the starting point. If the hair is still the natural color it will be necessary to bleach it and put it in the hands of a professional. It is very difficult to get a pure white, especially for those with long hair and do-it-yourself is extremely not recommended. It is possible that it takes more sessions but, above all, they will need to be toned, to eliminate any yellow reflection. In addition, doing it yourself, especially on large lengths, risks ruining the hair and even breaking it, resulting in very short cuts.

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Those who are used to dyeing their hair, on the other hand, will have to plan the transition. Yes, because you cannot go from colored to white overnight, especially if you have dark hair or dyed with dark shades. Also in this case, do it yourself banned, the risk is to end up with a completely stained head. If you have blond hair, the transition will be easier, because it will be enough to create a game of very light streaks and let the hair grow, which will gradually become all white. In this way the detachment will be almost imperceptible and will not make you live this transition period badly.

In the case of brown hair, however, the necessary sessions will be greater. There are various techniques, for example creating streaks or light locks on the dark part, which harmonize with the salt and pepper regrowth. It will then be necessary to let the hair grow and cut it until there is no more color, then bleach the natural hair, in case you want it totally white or let it grow naturally.

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How to keep white hair healthy and shiny?

As for white hair obtained through bleaching, it will be necessary to frequently carry out restructuring treatments, packs, masks and vials, to restore tone and softness to damaged and dehydrated hair from the treatments. You will also need to use anti-yellow shampoo and mask to avoid unwanted reflections.

These two steps are also to be performed on natural white hair, which still tends to yellow and lose shine. This is because exposure to sunlight creates oxidation and straw-yellow reflections, to be contrasted with blue or purple pigments. Nothing prevents, however, leaving them on for a longer time to give blue or purple reflections and a touch of liveliness to pure white.

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White hair, then, is usually more fragile, thin and dry and needs constant hydration and nourishment to keep it shiny, soft and shiny. This is because the sebaceous glands, with age, produce less sebum and lubricating substances and, as a result, even more cracks in hair. This is why they often need a fold in order not to look sloppy and worn. In most cases it is in fact recommended to opt for a short cut, easier to manage even at home. Never forget, then, the thermal protectors before using the hairdryer or hot tools, to avoid breaking and drying out your hair more.

To keep them soft and silky, use oils and emollient creams with nourishing substances, to be applied before drying them and in the following days, to keep frizz at bay too. Yes to reinforcing products, fortifying and seasonal supplements, to make them thicker and more robust, even from the inside. To avoid washing them constantly and weaken them even more, you can then use a little dry shampoo to be applied to create a volume effect.

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