How to take care of your nails in summer and nourish them from the inside


from Beatrice Serra

“In summer, to keep up with fashion, you just need to paint your nails in a lively and sparkling shade,” he tells us Free Ciccomascolo, president of Ladybird, importer for Italy of Orly and CND glazes. “So I’d aim for the fuchsiabut also tolight bluefrom the heavenly to the blue electric, which is so much “sea” ».

Alternatively, there is orangecheerful and super-summer, like the greenso fashionable, or the yellow super bright, while the most contemporary purple is lavender. In short, the mood of the moment speaks of pop art style tintsbrilliant finish, perhaps in an alternating color manicure for a fun effect », says the expert.

«These nuances also dominate in the French: the one of the moment is colored (bezel and tip), in any nuance. In any case, by now, the claw nails are out, it is the period of classic lines, such as almond-shaped or rounded nail, preferably medium-short. For those who love a discreet look but do not want to give up color, thepastel option“: Baby pink, aqua, lavender and mauve alongside a delicate very light mint green, which go well with the romantic looks in vogue”.

The supplement to nourish the nails from the inside

Soft focus but also healthy. The nail, in fact, is beautiful when it is healthy and strong. «With this in mind, it is important to feed them from the inside, taking them practically all year round 1-2 tablets per day of a supplement with various vitamin factors and other substances, such as silicon, which stimulate the production of collagen, the scaffolding of the connective tissue of nails, hair and skin “, comments Paola Tarantinodermatologist and aesthetic doctor.

«Within a few months, oral products show their effects: by activating cell regeneration, nails appear healthier and more beautiful. These, like any other part of our body, over the years undergo a degeneration that involves a dystrophy, that is, an alteration of their appearance ».

The regenerative nail care

Like the skin, the nail ages and changes for the worse. “Those of the hands, subjected to continuous washing, lose water and, therefore, elasticity, tend to break and fill with vertical thin lines while those of the feet, subjected to many small traumas, go towards thethickeningor. These are problems that are solved easily but with constancy and patience: the key to their beauty is to wash hands and feet with neutral detergentsand during periods when nail polish is not used, moisturize the nails (at least twice a day) with a oil based on vitamin E (nourishing, it should be massaged from the base) or a cream (hands or feet) rich in urea: it softens the nail, and makes it grow better ».

«It goes without saying, then, that nails must be treated delicately. So, let’s keep away from filing them too much (especially to remove the semi-permanent nail polish), from cutting them too short (so they no longer protect against bacterial invasion), from eliminating cuticles “to the bone” or from using solvents more than once. a week, all gestures that thin the nail plate and make the nails fragile and subject to breakage ».

If mycosis appears

By the way: when a nail breaks, the “dead” part must always be cut off with a scissors and you have to wait for it to grow back (it takes months), even if no one prevents us from rebuilding it by the beautician. «On the other hand, for yellow nails, especially on the feet, there is no whitening technique. That ugly color is only the effect of their “suffering” but with the right nail care in three to four months they return to the right shade. No color, however: at this stage the manicure and pedicure only require the application of healing enamels, based on keratin»Explains the expert.

And if there are also many specks white? “Could be mycosis, a nail infection. Apart from specific products, given by the dermatologist, the fastest therapy is the yellow light lasera: one session a week (about € 100 each), 6-7 times, accelerates the healing of the nail ».

“Nobody says to give up nail polish in the summer,” comments Tarantino. «However, once back from vacation, it would be better to leave hands and feet natural, at least for two or three months. To take care of it properly and, perhaps, to solve some problems hitherto hidden by the colored lacquer ».