How to tell if your child is dyslexic and what to do

How to tell if your child is dyslexic and what to do

Dyslexia is often confused with laziness, poor commitment and intelligence below the norm. Help sufferers learn like others, with the proper support of experts

Dyslexia is a specific learning disorder that makes it difficult to learn to read and write correctly by following traditional teaching methods. Usually, the disorder is identified in the first years of school, by the teacher first of all, but in order to ascertain the problem the analysis of a speech therapist or a psychologist is needed. You can find out if your child is dyslexic by paying attention to certain factors.

Difficulty in learning to read
The dyslexic child, although following a program similar to that of his companions, learns much more slowly to read and write, and he does not even do it correctly. This is because he would need to receive an ad hoc teaching based on his needs to help him learn.

Poor concentration capacity
Those who suffer from dyslexia are not good at concentrating on the subjects of study, but at the slightest distraction they let go. For him / her it is difficult to follow the thread of the discourse during the reading, with the result that, once finished, he has difficulty in remembering what he has just read, and also shows that he has not understood.

Sense of frustration
When dyslexia is not diagnosed, the pupil is accused of being lazy, having little commitment or having an intelligence below the norm. All this is reflected in bad grades, in being left behind with studies and with a flurry of failures that do nothing but undermine the self-esteem of the child. Obviously, all this discourages him and gives him the message he will never be able to learn. Know that this is not the case: your child can learn, provided that he is supported by teachers and experts in a targeted learning process.

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