How to tell if your daughter smokes: unmistakable signals

How to tell if your daughter smokes: unmistakable signals

From the smell that remains on the skin and on the clothes to the pocket money that fades quickly. And how to deal with it

Do you suspect that your daughter has started smoking and does it secretly? Your desire is to understand if this feeling of yours is true? It is good to investigate, starting from some signs or suspicious behavior. Once you have the certainty that your daughter has become a smoker, you will be able to deal with it with greater serenity.

The traces of smoke
Your daughter is taking so many precautions to make you understand that she smokes. She smokes outside the home, eats lots of sweets to refresh her breath and hides the pack of cigarettes who knows where. A strong sense of smell can help you and, like a hound, go hunting for evidence that makes a test. He smells his clothes, his skin and the rooms of the house in which he stays the most time. Clothing, epidermis and walls absorb and retain the smell of tobacco.

The pocket money volatilizes
Does your daughter's pocket money run out right away? If there are no other reasons that justify his constant need for money, it means that his income is invested in buying cigarettes. If, then, she usually shares the smoking time with her friends and give them a few cigarettes, at the end of the day she will already have the problem of recovering small change for the next package.

Don't forget the importance of dialogue
Once you have the certainty that your daughter smokes, look her in the eyes and put her in front of reality. Don't be intransigent: explain that what annoys you is the fact that he acted in secret and above all illustrates what are the health implications of smoking started at a young age.

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