How to treat stretch marks and cellulite during pregnancy

How to treat stretch marks and cellulite during pregnancy

Stretch marks and cellulite are two problems that beset pregnant women, but with some changes the situation can be solved

During pregnancy, the woman's body undergoes major changes to adapt to the baby that is growing inside her belly. The major and most noticeable changes concern above all the baby bump and the breast that become increasingly larger as the months pass, due to the growth of the uterus and the development of the mammary gland for breastfeeding.

In these areas of the body the skin is subjected to a strong tension and, if it is not elastic enough, stretch marks could be created, in particular starting from the third trimester. The problem can then be increased by hormonal changes, which cause the onset of cellulite in the future mother, as well as stretch marks.

There are few women who can say they have not had to deal with these problems, but it is not the case to demonize them, given that the situation can be addressed by following some precautions.

How to treat stretch marks and cellulite during pregnancy

First the pregnant woman will have to follow a balanced and varied diet during pregnancy, avoiding all the foods that could increase water retention, already particularly strong during the 9 months. You need to avoid frying, all fatty and particularly caloric foods. It is also mandatory to increase the consumption of fruit and vegetables, but above all to do some movement. The ideal would be to follow a pre-birth gymnastics course, but also take a half-hour walk or a swim in the pool.

The use of cosmetics against stretch marks and cellulite should be accompanied by movement and a healthy diet. There are many excellent products on the market to treat these problems, both creams to buy at the pharmacy and natural remedies, such as sweet almond oil and wheat germ oil.

The product must be spread and massaged after showering, especially on the breast, belly and legs. These measures will allow to eliminate and prevent cellulite and stretch marks, even if everything depends, as always, on the genetic predisposition of the mother and on the course of the pregnancy (pounds taken and belly size).

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