How to use blush: tips

How to use blush: tips

In cream, gel or powder, it is perfect for giving a healthy and fresh air. Find out how to choose the blush and how to apply it

Blush – also called blush – is the ace up its beauty routine. If you want to give your face a fresh and luminous air, and look a few years younger, then never forget to apply a touch: the effect will be amazing and you won't be able to do without it anymore, it will become a must have with the cream moisturizing and at your favorite base.

How to choose the right blush? The dilemma is resolved based on the color of the skin, but also on the nuances you have chosen for make-up, especially for the eyes. If you have fair skin, focus on pink blushes, otherwise on coral ones. If you have olive or dark skin do not use too light tones, otherwise you risk the gray effect. The light and cold tones match a blue, blue or purple eye make-up, while the warm tones – orange or coral – match a beige or brown make-up.

If you have some imperfections on the skin such as large pores or small pimples and want to avoid being noticed more, first pass a touch of powder that will make the complexion uniform and then apply the opaque blush by gently tapping with a sponge. Another trick to minimize pimples is to use an orange or earth-colored blush.

In terms of blush, you can choose between different types of textures. The most famous are those in powder form, but they are not always easy to use. Choose them if you have a skin with a greasy tendency, but making them precede with a touch of powder, because – as we said – powder blush tends to emphasize imperfections. Cream blushes are ideal if you have dry skin, but alternatively you can try the gel which has a light texture and gives a persistent effect.

The cream blush should be applied with the sponge, or better still with the fingers, gently tapping, while the powder one with a small brush starting from the top of the cheeks – the one that shows when you smile – and fading over the cheekbones towards the ears. To slim the face you can apply a darker product on the central part of the face and a lighter one on the sides.

To give an even more natural touch, the secret is to apply a very small amount of blush even on the nose and forehead, in this way you will simulate a very healthy complexion. A product with warm tones can also be used as an eye shadow for a quick but elegant look, while a pink-colored gel is a must on the lips: more versatile than that!

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