How to use rosehip oil on the face

How to use rosehip oil on the face

Rosa Mosqueta oil is a panacea for your beauty: discover all the cosmetic uses to make skin and hair shiny

Rosehip oil is a cell regenerator, a real cure-all in case of dull skin: it is very important, however, that it is of really good quality. This oil is also well known as musk rose oil and is used extensively in natural cosmetics and phytotherapy. In particular, it is obtained by squeezing the seeds contained in the berries. It is a product very rich in omega 3 and omega 6 and is highly appreciated for its anti-aging effect due to the presence of various antioxidants. Did you know that? Obviously, being very sensitive to light, air and climate change in general, it is essential that it is of good quality.

The name of this oil, rose hip, has Spanish origins and generally refers to a type of wild rose with fruit: it is widespread in South America, usually grows in humid environments and finds a favorable climate, in particular, in the area of ​​the Andes. It is very similar to Rosa Canina and is characterized by very thorny stems and branches. Its flowers range from white to pale pink and the fruit is a berry which, as described below, contains highly prized seeds. Rosa Mosqueta, produced in large quantities in Chile, grows in the months when the days are shorter, the leaves begin to fall from the trees and the atmosphere all around darkens: in fact it blooms in the months of October and December and it brings with it a red fruit rich in seeds. The latter are the source from which the oil used in cosmetics is extracted.


  • Rosehip oil: how it is obtained
  • Rosehip oil: all its benefits
  • Rosehip oil as a healing agent
  • Rosehip oil to regenerate skin and hair
  • Rosehip oil: where to buy it

Rosehip oil: how it is obtained

Rosehip oil is very precious and appreciated by beauty lovers because it helps to visibly improve the appearance of the skin and reduce imperfections and scars. Yes, it is an excellent cicatrizant! Rosehip oil is very rich in virtues: its fruits begin to be harvested towards spring, or in the months of February, March and April. At a temperature that is previously decided, and therefore controlled, the drupes are dried, so as to be able to separate the pulp of the fruit from the seeds. By doing so, the seeds have a chance to dry and, through the cold pressing process, this miraculous rosehip oil is obtained. How good does this name sound? Rosa Mosqueta! If you are deciding to buy this product, we want to give you some suggestions so as not to go wrong.

Before buying it, make sure that it is 100% pure rosehip oil, of organic origin and it is very important that, on the package, it is also specified that it has been extracted by cold pressing the seeds. We recommend ourselves because it is a very important point to keep in close consideration! In addition, it is essential that it be kept in the refrigerator after opening. Obviously, it should be consumed within a short period of time to prevent the benefits from wearing off. As with many other products, rosehip oil needs to be preserved from air, light and any changes in temperature. If you perceive an unpleasant odor it will mean that the product is no longer good for use. After a few tips, we are ready to talk about other fundamental points of this product: benefits, various uses, contraindications.

Rosehip oil: all its benefits

Rosehip oil is a real beauty recipe, a truly indispensable product, the "must have" of any beauty case. Rosehip oil contains a high amount of polyunsaturated essential fatty acids, as well as transretinoic acid and natural antioxidants: all ingredients that benefit the well-being of the skin and allow skin regeneration. Among the benefits of rosehip oil we want to mention its effectiveness in combating skin blemishes. We speak, mostly, of imperfections caused by scars, but also sunburns and various stretch marks.

In addition, rosehip oil has a positive effect on the natural aging of the skin, it is a good ally against erythema, dry skin and damaged by acne. The application of this product, in fact, helps to reduce expression lines and makes the skin fresher, smoother and nourished. Already after the first application, you will notice multiple benefits: the skin will appear shinier and the facial expression will appear less tired. A constant application of rosehip oil will not only keep the skin hydrated every day, but will help counteract skin aging, eliminating small and possible wrinkles.

Rosehip oil as a healing agent

As previously stated, rosehip oil is able to reduce stretch marks and scars and this is no small feat. In fact, it is also ideal for treating keloids and old scars: applying it, the skin will be smoother. This product is concerned with taking care of these annoying imperfections, both classic and possible, and making them less visible. The oil tends to heal both scars caused by accidents and those of a surgical nature. Rosehip oil is also widely used to reduce stretch marks during pregnancy, on breasts, legs and hips. The points most involved when you are pregnant. Earlier we mentioned how the product can be a valuable aid even against older scars. In fact, since these are signs that have been present for a long time, there is no tendency to run into any contraindications.

Rosehip oil to regenerate skin and hair

Not only does the skin benefit from the excellent results guaranteed by rosehip oil, but also the hair. Obtained from the pressing of a wild plant, this product makes the skin smooth and smooth: truly unmatched, thanks to the high content of fatty and polyunsaturated acids. These acids are absolutely essential for skin regeneration and it is precisely for this reason that rosehip oil is used against wrinkles and signs of aging. Apply it morning and evening to both face and neck to start fighting small wrinkles and signs of aging.

Rosehip oil helps a lot in stimulating cell regeneration and that is why it acts to improve the signs of acne. Furthermore, its action is ideal for treating chapped hands. Rose mosquet oil can also be used on hair: in particular, it removes the opaque effect to then give the entire hair shine and volume. Problems with dandruff? Do not worry, rosehip oil is the perfect solution. In fact, it is sufficient to apply a small amount of product on the skin before washing the hair and massaging gently.

Rosehip oil for the eye and lip contour

Given the interesting properties it boasts, it is normal that rosehip oil can also be a valuable ally to combat the signs of fatigue in the eye area. Vitamin E contained in rosehip oil helps to make the skin more compact and elastic. In fact, it is strongly recommended to apply a small amount of product in the eye area at least once a day and massage. Same for your lips: if you want to make them softer, this product is for you. In both cases, it is necessary to massage gently. In this way, expression lines will improve and make the look fresher and more relaxed.

Rosehip oil for chapped hands

Hands can also benefit from the beneficial effects of rosehip oil: those that are chapped, in particular, require a lot of care and attention. This problem is easily found in those who carry out manual jobs, or in any case trades, which accelerate the aging process. To restore a little freshness and softness to your hands, it is highly recommended to use this product: a few drops are enough to start noticing the desired results. Here, then, is a valuable aid to improve the appearance of a very stressed area.

Rosehip oil: where to buy it

Usually, rosehip oil can be purchased in herbal medicine or cosmetic stores, but also online. It is possible to ascertain the presence of this product in cosmetics by reading the list of all the components: the nomenclature to look for is “Rosa moschata seed oil”. So, be very careful! The price of rosehip oil is very variable: a 100ml package of good quality product tends to be around 25-30 euros. As this is a very special product, which requires to be stored in a certain way, it is best not to exceed the purchase quantities. When we talk about Rosa Mosqueta Oil we always mean the pure product.

If it is not pure it is not Rosehip Oil! For online purchases, make sure that the site is certified and guaranteed, that it offers safe products and does not mislead. Only if the oil is pure can you add a few drops to your moisturizer, water for a relaxing bath or even added to the firming cream! Prefer the Rosa Mosqueta Oil on the label which says "100% pure certified organic": this means that in complete tranquility you can add it to your daily creams, use it pure on scars, on the tips of the hair, on stretch marks, on the face, on the hands, on the chapped parts of the elbows or knees, on the chapped lips, on the acne, on the fine lines of expression, on the erythema. Wherever you can think that its properties can enhance your beauty.

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