How to wake up the metabolism in a simple way

How to wake up the metabolism in a simple way

Waking up your metabolism is essential to lose weight, get back in shape and fight fatigue, here's how to do it through simple steps

Waking up the metabolism is the basis for living in good health. In fact, this sometimes tends to slow down, with consequences on the body such as a few extra pounds, exhaustion and low self-esteem. The metabolism therefore should not be underestimated, since it is responsible for many symptoms. For example, fatigue is often caused by a deficiency of magnesium, which leads to difficulties in concentration and nervousness. Proper nutrition and good metabolic function are the key to a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

So what do you do to speed up your metabolism? First of all, it is necessary to make the right amount of magnesium through the consumption of yogurt, dried fruit and vegetables, preferably raw. A grandmother's remedy is to always have a banana with her, useful to satisfy hunger attacks and take the right amount of potassium. Pay particular attention to the seasonings: prefer extra virgin olive oil, fresh ginger, garlic and aromatic herbs to give an extra touch of taste.

In addition, an aspect not to be overlooked is breakfast, necessary to face the day with the right amount of energy. Yogurt, fresh fruit, whole grains, a teaspoon of honey, green tea and coffee will be the ideal nourishment capable of ensuring an excellent sense of vitality. Pay particular attention not to exceed in the consumption of salads. In fact, it is preferable to choose healthy cooking alternating the addition of almonds, avocados, seeds and hazelnuts. In case you have granted yourself some small snacks, fasting is forbidden, but it is possible to resort to the consumption of natural fruit juices, hot soups, tea, unsweetened herbal teas and fruit to promote liver function.

An ideal alternative for a correct eating habit and to strengthen the immune defenses is to reduce the amount of salt and sugar by replacing them with spices and honey. A good example is to prefer a bitter coffee in the morning. Experts explain that to wake up the metabolism it is advisable to eat within half an hour after waking up and before practicing sports. Finally, avoiding weighing yourself down with large binges, preferring simple and natural foods accompanied by regular physical activity is the ideal solution to be full of vitality and energy.

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