How to wear a coat with style

How to wear a coat with style

From the color to the fabric through the morphology: here are some tips to buy and wear the coat with elegance

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The coat is the garment par excellence that allows you not to feel cold when the temperature drops. Many of us see only the functional side and are content to slip it on without thinking too much. Instead, it is much more revealing than is believed, and it reveals the personality very clearly: there is the party of the classic three-quarter coats against those of the padded quilts, that of furs against that of the bomber jackets, that of duffel coats against that of double-breasted coats, parka or trench. In winter, it is the first thing (and sometimes the only one) that you notice. We often believe that we have to choose between staying warm and having style. What if we try to combine the two?

Color Council No. 1 – I'm tired of going unnoticed
From the first cold, the streets are filled with girls hidden under black coats. The passe-partout look is guaranteed! Ok, we know that a three-quarter raven coat looks good with everything, but why not make it different, proving to have a little imagination? The raspberry color is the most appetizing when the thermometer is lowered, but there are also iced orange, shocking pink, blue bébé or red, lemon yellow, chocolate or slate. Not forgetting, then, all the shades of tweed and mélange fabrics.

Color tip n ° 2 – Two very good options
The cream color, fabulous for the classic coat, for the trench coat and also for the double-breasted coat.
The leopard-print, to be worn in a slightly retro way on a sober and monochrome figure.

Morphology Council No. 1 – All lengths go well, from the waist to the feet!
The lower ones should avoid going below the knee (they might look like a walking coat): the classic three-quarters is the safe choice, even if a model with a belt, which reaches half its size, draws a slimmer figure. The pipe can afford the ultra-short jacket that you wear with your hands in your pockets … but also the long military coat, from which you can only see the boots.

Morphology Council No. 2 – Even the models are endless: straight, square, with belt …
The easiest to carry? The three-quarter one (which reaches the knee), flared and slightly flared. If it is too straight, the more rounded ones may seem to be bundled up.

Fabric Tip No. 1 – As for fabrics, it is difficult to imagine such a wide choice
There is a gulf between the fur and the trench coat's waterproof fabric! The ideal is to have two: one for the mid-season (for example, a beautiful raincoat) and one to wear in the middle of winter (classic, but warm, is the three-quarter coat in pure wool).

Fabric tip No. 2 – As soon as the heat comes, I take all my coats to the laundry …
… and then put them back in their plastic cases. Leaving them all summer in the closet, without having been washed, is out of the question: dirt just sticks! Leather, leather or fur may require real experts, so they are definitely not made for the lazy ones.

Taken from: Guide to the wardrobe: cheap or chic, Morellini Editore

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