How to wear a long skirt in summer and be original

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If you want to wear the long skirt in the summer, know that not only can you do it, but you can also do it in order to be original to the nth degree.

All time glamorous, charismatic, impactful: the long skirt is one of the trendiest garments ever.

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Many think that it is preferable to wear it in spring or autumn (but also in winter) given the amount of fabric inherent in her: there is nothing more wrong.

We can adapt it to every outfit, every occasion and even every season. We can make it the garment that allows us to have all eyes on you, allowing it to always remain fashionable and elegant as it has been since time immemorial.

And if you don’t believe that the long skirt is also suitable in summer, just look at the fashion shows and what designers from all over the world have proposed for this season. They too said yes to very long bell skirts, but also to asymmetrical ones, with flounces and so on and so forth.

We saw on the Chanel catwalk a maxi-sized skirt parading, but still basically “seaside” thanks to the white and blue stripes that characterize it, while we saw a straight model with a glossy finish on that of Dior, a vaguely indie one on that of Altuzarra .

And again, we have seen boho reminiscences on that of Gabriela Hearst, models with tassels on that of Giorgio Armani, but also almost princely models on that of Alexander McQueen.

In short, now we have proof that not only the long skirt in the summer can be a good idea, but it can also make us irresistible in a few moves, so here’s how we can wear it this season.

Here’s how to wear the long skirt in the summer

There long skirt in the summer should not be abolished: we must not think of segregating it in a skimpy corner of our wardrobe and then taking it out with the first cool of September.

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On the contrary, it can become our style ally and accompany us everywhere throughout the summer, thanks to its innate versatility.

So, here are 5 ways to wear the long skirt in the summer to be as glamorous, original and sophisticated as possible.

And if you love white, here are 5 items of this chic color that you absolutely must have.

Long skirt and micro top

In full Chanel style, this outfit allows us to be fresh, original and extremely sexy.

We talked about micro tops, in the sense that we can choose a crop top in mini size, the “smallest” that we find in short.

After all, in the summer we need to discover ourselves and we can play on the contrast between maxi volumes in the lower part and micro in the upper part.

To this we can combine sandals with stiletto heels, or round heels, but also wedges can do for us.

Long oriental style skirt and transparent top

Dior teaches us that the oriental style can always be transported also to the West and be made even more glamorous, sexy, elegant than it already is.

Yes then to Japan style long skirts, to be combined with transparent tops (or semi-transparent, each do what makes them feel most at ease of course).

To create the perfect look, just add some flat sandals and that’s it.

Single color skirt and crop top in the same color

Yes, the crop top makes a lot of summer (and this is in any case the best season to wear it, we know it very well), but we can give it an extra touch of elegance by combining it with a single-color skirt and giving up the sudden changes in shades that the summer generally proposes.

Carolina Herrera did it and we can do it too: we choose a color – perhaps taking one from the maxi range of chromatic choices that summer gives us – and we buy a long skirt and a crop top of the same shade.

A few examples? We can play with red, blue, but also white, then adding flat sandals, or wedge sandals that are beige, or a bright color to create the right contrast.

Long colored skirt and total black top

Let’s take inspiration from Altuzarra and its new collection. Because not play on the chromatic contrast and why not do it with black?

Total black is always a good idea, in every season (and yes, even in summer): it is elegant and sensual. But we are struggling with the heat and we want to conform to the trends of the period, so yes to a multicolour skirt to match.

The mules and a matching bag complete the outfit: you choose whether to focus on a bright nuance, or stay and explore the boundaries of black.

Long skirt with slit and cut out top

Etro proposes and we copy (indeed, we take a cue). The long skirt with a slit is what it takes to fight the heatwaves, because it’s fresh, sexy, chic.

And then the cut out is one of the symbols of all 2022, so why not take advantage of it even in summer?

To these two elements – which by themselves give life to a crazy outfit – we can add a belt at the waist, sandals with stiletto heels and a matching mini bag.

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