How to wear fur: here are some ideas to look

How to wear fur: here are some ideas to look

Fur is one of the must-have items of winter: let's see some ideas to wear it with style on any occasion

Fur is a winter must. For more than a few seasons now, furs, especially in the eco version, make a fine show of themselves in the windows of any store, from fast fashion chains to high-end luxury boutiques. The fur likes it, there is little to do … and I admit it, I really like it too (that echo, of course). The fear that everyone has, is that the fur grows old. Well, given the super trendy return of this garment, I would say that it is an unfounded fear! Here are some examples.

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How to wear fur: long, short-haired and colored

Here the same rule applies as for short-haired fur, indeed, perhaps the clean and minimal look is even more necessary. Gray is also an excellent alternative to black: it is a very underrated color and instead, especially with the ringing tones, it is great because it helps to dampen them. My advice regarding colors (apart from wearing black, which goes with everything) is to combine complementary colors together or to lighten the look further with pastel colors.

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How to wear fur: curled in Mongolia

Mongolia is a type of curly fur, very soft (which obviously exists in an eco version), which reminds me of the 70s. Personally I really like wearing a hippy chic version, with flared jeans and soft blouses, but the super posh alternative, like in the photo below, I don't mind at all.

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