How to wear high heels without problems

How to wear high heels without problems

Use high heels without problems? Here are some tips to prevent any discomfort or discomfort caused by this type of footwear

Using high heels without problems is absolutely possible. There are so many women who can't do without this type of footwear, especially if it's special events or romantic evenings. Indeed, high heels actually determine most of a woman's wardrobe. Heels are sometimes also strongly requested in the workplace and wearing them too many hours during the day can lead to serious problems in the long run.

A first trick to wear these shoes, especially the most dizzy ones without encountering any pain is to apply a layer of rubber in the shoes. Just contact a shoemaker and you're done. Another trick is to treat your feet better and immerse them in water, performing numerous massages before putting on your shoes. After immersing them in water, it is advisable to treat them with moisturizers and to insist with some simple massage.

This is a real trick to prepare your feet even for the most demanding heels. High heels are as fascinating as they are dangerous, as they could damage the joints. The more these are vertiginous, the more the weight of the body tends to go forward and this in the long run can cause not only tibial torsion, but also damage to the knees. It is advisable to prefer wedges, as they help distribute body weight more evenly. If you really can't resist the high heel, prefer those with a rather double sole, as it reduces the risk of swelling and arthritis.

The tip should not be underestimated, as this should not compress the toes too much, useful for stability and balance. It is therefore preferable to opt for the round tips, to prevent the toes from being immobilized. If you prefer to wear heels with a narrow toe, apply gel and patches, which are useful for cushioning any discomfort. A quick and effective exercise to prevent cramps and relieve foot strain when removing shoes is to pass a golf ball under the plant, trying to grab it with your fingers. Your feet will love it so much.

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