How to wear makeup at 40

How to wear makeup at 40

Luigi Tomio make-up artist reveals the secrets to enhance visa in the "door" phase. Here are the products to focus on and how to apply them in the best way, day and night

Make up at 40 years old

Makeup at 40, how to make it happen? Tipsforwomens asked Luigi Tomio, Global Makeup Artist Estée Lauder. Let's start by giving good news to all the women who have reached the fateful buoy of the "doors": Luigi has no doubts in saying that "The 40 years of today are the new 30". What should a 40 year old girl pay attention to who wants to do her makeup? To refine the make up, there is no doubt. Let's see together what are the steps to follow.

"We moisturize the skin with serum and anti-aging balm. We spread a foundation that guarantees a flawless appearance throughout the day. Apply it using a moistened sponge with a few drops of serum, to favor its smoothness on the skin. Finally, we use bronzing powder to lightly carve, brighten and harmonize the face ».

"As far as the eye is concerned, I suggest preferring the eye pencil to eyeliner and eye shadow – suggests Luigi Tomio – Limit yourself to the black pencil only when you want to accentuate the look, but use it only when you have a rested appearance. The black on a tired eye accentuates fatigue, better a softer shade like brown. Make the look stand out by using the pencil like a kajal. Do you want a touch of color? Enrich the black mascara by passing on the tips a touch of colored mascara, midnight blue or green ».

«If the eye make-up is very customizable, there is only one rule for the eyebrows: take care of them! The eyebrows at 40 years must not be too graphic because at this age everything that is too outlined, too graphic, too thin, too geometric, does nothing but weigh down and makes the "sciuretta" effect. I recommend using a mini eyebrow mascara that gives naturalness, emphasizing and thickening the stroke. Or, if this is not enough, use an eyebrow pencil combined with a powder. The eyebrows must be cured but made as natural as possible: they will make you look younger. The geometric-graph on the contrary weighs ».

Luisa Ranieri, 44 years old. His eyebrows are neat but natural at the same time

«The mouth is our business card. When she is 40, a woman must have in her beauty the range of colors for the lips that best represent her. A properly applied lipstick makes us feel more beautiful and in order, it is the emergency service that lights up the face, the leading product, at any time of the day. The mat lipstick is difficult to wear so I would recommend more creamy, liquid colors, which give an elegant and refined touch but at the same time fresh. I would reserve the mat for those who can apply it impeccably. Otherwise it is preferable to play on a soft and colorful, natural lip effect. Have the right care and attention in applying the lipstick helping you with the matching lip pencil shade. Play on the overlap of multiple colors to get the best from the product. A secret? Lighten a bold lipstick with a lighter color in the center of the lips. Treat your lips by applying an anti-wrinkle serum to give them elasticity. Contour them and fill them with a pencil, then overlap the lipstick. Another tip, for those with a particularly natural lip color, is to "turn them off" by coloring them with a flesh-colored pencil. Then pass the lipstick, which in this way will stand out in its pure nuance ».

Pencil to color not only the outline, but all the lips. Then apply the lipstick

«How to refresh the make-up? First rehydrating the skin. I suggest using a few drops of anti-age serum to apply a sponge with which to dab the face, to restore the right level of hydration and diffuse brightness. This is a gesture that helps to "resume" make-up without redoing it from scratch. This is a trick that we make up artists use in the backstage of fashion shows, when we have to redo the make-up models: we remove the eyes but for lack of time we cannot redo the make-up from scratch. Our skin loses hydration during the day and if we go to apply high makeup on an arid basis we do nothing but weigh it down. Once the serum is spread, you can go over concealer, blush or earth ».

Use a powder brush to spread earth or blush

«For the day I recommend a land. The earth is the most versatile and comfortable product for Mediterranean women, both in summer and winter, provided that it is applied with the tricks that I will now explain to you – Luigi Tomio reveals us – The secret lies in the brush with which it is stretches: I recommend a chubby brush of powder, which does not go to mark the strokes as a blush brush would do, because what we want to do is to homogenize the complexion, not to sculpt in a marked way. Opt for a more modular product that allows you to play with overlaps and create a light contouring. If the product is light we can keep it in a purse like a passepartout to be reapplied as needed. If the earth is better during the day, in the evening the blush is better, because the face must shine naturally with the setting of the sun. So do not "dirty" it with the earth but "pardon it" with the blush ".

«Usually the evening make-up is the most elaborate, the most marked. This is no longer the rule for 40-year make-up, but on the contrary I advise you to be more careful and lighten up. You need a foundation that makes your skin radiant and radiant rather than a "long lasting" effect. In the evening we are tired, the skin needs a targeted treatment that does not weigh it down. I recommend you focus on eyes and lips ».

«All that is glittered if misapplied tends to highlight the most expressive traits. If I use a glitter on an eyelid that is not stretched I run the risk of accentuating fine lines and imperfections typical of this area. The glitter gives a touch of glamor to all but for a 40 year old it is better to light up without exceeding. I recommend a fluid to apply over the make-up, on the facial features to be emphasized – ie cheekbones, back of the nose, forehead, lip lips – which gives the right epidermal elasticity and moreover diffuses the light on these points. Thus the right glove effect is created without weighing down the points most marked by time ».

Remember that the 40 are the new 30!

(The products recommended by Luigi Tomio are Advanced Night Repair serum; Revitalizing Supreme + Global Anti-Aging Wake Up Balm; Double wear foundation; Double Wear Nude foundation; Brow Now Volumizing Brow Gel mini mascara for eyebrows; Bronze Goddess Powder Bronzer)

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