How to wear the duvet: the puffer jacket is back

How to wear the duvet: the puffer jacket is back

The down jacket is back, street style confirms it: let's see how to wear it with style

The down jacket, for a long time, was considered a garment to keep in the wardrobe and to be worn only and exclusively in the case of very strict necessity, when temperatures became intolerable and preferably without being seen that much. In short, the down jacket was the antifashion. The novelty is that since a few seasons, it's back in the limelight: now it's called puffer jacket and it's cooler than ever. Let's see how to wear it.

How to wear the down jacket: sporty

The down jacket is a garment, in my opinion, purely sporting, which therefore goes very well with a casual outfit: sweatshirt, also with a hood, jeans (not necessarily blue, even colored) and my devoted sneakers. In this way you get the perfect look to recover the children at school, for a super relaxed weekend, for a last minute flight home.

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How to wear a down jacket: metal

Whether it's silver or gold, the metal down jacket is undoubtedly the undisputed king of street style. Wear it with black, white or pastel colors for a super glam look. If you want to balance the proportions, opt for skinny jeans or wear a mini skirt and very thick socks.

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How to wear a duvet: ton sur ton

For a low-risk look, opt for the ton sur ton. The look of Rocky Barnes, below, is beautiful. I would only change the animalier loafers, replacing them with moccasins with the mask, in English.

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