How to wear the helmet in 2020-2021?

How to wear the helmet in 2020-2021?

Discover all the bob hair trends in 2021 and choose the one that best suits your face

Bob, carré, short bob, long bob: a nice haircut is for a week or forever, but always carries the charm of a sophisticated beauty. This famous hairstyle was born in Paris in 1909, conceived by the hairdresser Antoine, who was inspired by Luana Cowley, but can be considered an evergreen, always contemporary. For over a century, it has cyclically returned to hairdressing salons, on the catwalks or around the streets with a breath of freshness and novelty: drawn as in the 1920s, paraded, wavy, colorful, each season has its own bob that identifies it.

But what will the 2021 helmet be like? Very short like those of 2018, ready to lick your shoulders like in 2017, moved, mechato? Let's find out by peering at the coolest hair trends worn on the heads of Hollywood stars, and beyond. From Jennifer Lopez to Kaia Gerber, from Cara Delevingne to Ashley Benson, many it girls and divas have already experimented with shorter cuts after the end of summer and are preparing to welcome a sparkling 2021.

Bob 2021: fashion cuts

There are many variations of the classic helmet and in 2021 we will find them from the catwalks to the street style. In general, in 2021 the helmet will take free, versatile shapes, far from the millimeter rules of squaring. Password: imagination and customization. The 2021 helmet must be "a helmet with a soul", which reflects the style and personality of the wearer. Asymmetries, fillets, strings, scaling intercept intense blondes, softer and more nuanced blacks or browns.

Here are the trends not to be missed for those who design a new look to start the year in the best possible way.


  • Long bob
  • Wavy bob
  • Bob with fringe
  • Rounded helmet
  • Headband and shades of color
  • Super smooth and squared 90s bob
  • Triangular bob (and a little tousled)
  • Short bob and wet look

Long bob

Long bob fever, which exploded in 2017, is still very much on. The trend is that of long helmets, scaled helmets, slightly wavy helmets, but which go beyond the dividing line at ear height and come to touch the shoulders. The long bob softens the face and is a very composed and sophisticated middle ground between the shapeless medium length and the classic yoke.

How to wear a helmet


In 2021 the long bob will be moved, mechato and possibly enriched (why not?) Also by a tip of pink and blue pigment, to emphasize the tips or color the entire hair, depending on your preferences. The soft long bob with the middle line will go for the most, without forgetting, however, for those who want it, the hypotheses with a tuft or side line. Long bobs also revive with deep scaling, which deconstruct the cut by moving the light of the face.

How to wear a helmet


Wavy bob

The blur of 2021 is an option that does not abandon short or semi-short cuts. Leaving the hair natural, fake messy, without using the straightener and allowing the slight waving of the crease without styling is one of the most popular trends of recent years. The wavy bob can also be embellished and finished with barrettes, clips, small jewels or bijoux for the hair that will give an even more chic touch. Movement is one of the keystones of 2021: the wavy bob takes strength from the classic smooth architecture and allows you to experience a more sauvage mood.

How to wear a helmet

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Volume adjustment is subjective: Jennifer Lopez chooses for example a fluffy quasi-curl, which also gives freshness and harmony to the features. To add further dynamism to the bob, someone adds some boho braids, such as MaxMara, which proposes the middle part with these inserts.

Bob with fringe

Among the hair trends of autumn 2021 there is also the bob with fringe. A look that recalls the legendary Sixties, to be declined with full and rounded fringe or with a light, parade, almost imperceptible fringe. You can modulate your bob as you wish: among the trendiest hairstyles there is the smooth fringe and wavy or curled lengths.

2021 helmet


With the fringe it is also nice to play on asymmetries, with a short cut behind and long in front or more worn. The short bob with fringe, the so-called bowl haircut (bowl cut) went very strong a couple of seasons ago, but continues to recur for those who love a clear and particular style, like this hairstylist who does not go unnoticed.

Rounded helmet

The catwalks dictated a revival with a 1970s flavor, which also saw the return of the classic rounded, voluminous and very smooth bob, a little in the golden age style of Caterina Caselli. It is what someone called a "mushroom helmet", which places a sort of cap on the head, like the hat of a mushroom, to be enhanced possibly with a particular graphic make-up.

Rounded helmet


It is the John Lennon (and Raffaella Carrà) helmet, back on the catwalks of Gucci, Fendi and Givenchy, ready to shine with all its style, to be combined also with oversized accessories, such as the maxi sunglasses by Fendi fly model .

Headband and shades of color

2021 helmet


Bob hair in 2021 will intercept ombré nuances to also create pleasant plays of light and colors: butter or cappuccino-colored blondes can take advantage of the haircut to enhance their shades, as well as chocolate, coffee, tobacco browns, as well as coppery and peach, colors that go particularly well with the 2021 helmets.

The shatush, fashionable a few years ago, gives way to degradé palettes to give a natural but refined and shiny impact. The new treatments in combination with color, such as the very useful Olaplex, help to give the hair light and vitality, in order to bring out even more nuances.

Super smooth and squared 90s bob

The 2021 bob is also inspired by the vibes of the 90s: the hair returns smooth, geometric, perfectly squared and carefully plated. Perfect for those with an oval-shaped face, it has an autonomy capacity of at least three weeks, before requesting a trim from the hairdresser.

Suitable for those with fine hair, which requires a particular order to give the idea of ​​greater volume. And those with natural straight hairs, while for the moves or curls you will need to take care of the hairstyle with a hairdryer, brush and plate. The overall idea is one of harmony and, if matched to the right make-up, this hairstyle can be particularly appreciable, as a trend to be copied.

Triangular bob (and a little tousled)

How can we forget Lucy Boynton as Mary in Bohemian Rhapsody? Her splendid icy blonde was combined with a very Seventies bob, with an almost triangular shape, flat and tidy at the roots and “flying” and jaunty on the tips, so much so as to give freedom to a frisé hairstyle or a natural blur.

This hairlook is also one of the most popular for 2021, perfect to combine with a whimsical and alternative style, but also suitable as a "breaking point" in sober and classic looks. It can also be worn with bangs if necessary.

Short bob and wet look

The wet effect (wet effect) has already colonized the catwalks of the past seasons, but is also back for 2021 with a tribute to the 70s. It is a short bob, not millimetrically squared, with a hairstyle that combs it back and gives it a "just out of the water" effect obtained with a wet spray and possibly gel.

Among the stars who wanted to try this look is Natalie Portman, who curiously combined the wet trend with slightly upturned tips; perhaps a miscellaneous hair that is partly inspired by Jackie O, who she played on the big screen?

Helmet and star: the cuts to copy in 2021

All crazy about the helmet. Almost all models and actresses have succumbed, at least once, to the charm of the bob. From Jennifer Lopez, who plays with a warm and charming honey color and, thanks to her regular features, can indulge herself with wavy or perfectly straight hairstyles, to Kaia Gerber, who loves bobs and experiments with both Beatles-style straight hairs and waves , on long or short bobs.

The English actress Alice Eve also proposes a wavy and jaunty bob, also launching herself to "dynamize" it further with subtle strawberry-colored streaks, as does Eva Mendes, who plays on the undulations and maxi-volumes consistent with the liveliness of her Latin soul, while Ashley Benson, taking advantage of the perfect 90s straight hair on her classic blonde.

Bob also for Natalie Portman, who chooses the short and the wet effect, opting for a side line, while Ludovica Martino, young Skam star, chooses it short, slightly wavy and jaunty. Same thing for Benedetta Porcaroli, a promise recently seen in Baby, chooses to enhance her angelic face and her bold make-up with a slightly raised bob.

It's always time for a good bob, especially in 2021. Perfect for facing the colder months with order and class, also suitable for spring, especially if loose and wavy, the bob becomes a symbol of fashionable beauty. The ways of experimentation are truly endless: from smooth to curly, from bangs to balayage, everything is allowed.

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