How to wear the houndstooth: look ideas

How to wear the houndstooth: look ideas

The iconic white and black pattern lends itself to being paired much more easily than we think: here are some ideas for you!

The pied de poule is a fantasy that too often is mistakenly thought of as classic and "old-fashioned", when it is not so. Beyond the fact that this year is a super trend, so we will see the "chicken feet" everywhere, this pattern is a classic: if we have a garment in this wardrobe in this fantasy, it's time to pull it out and enhance it to the fullest!

How to wear the houndstooth: classic

The classic white and black version never tires: if we find a nice blazer, a suit or a skirt in this fantasy, let's not miss it, because we will continue to wear it also in the future. How to combine it? The ideal for me is the basic colors, then black and white. This does not mean that the look should be old-fashioned, in fact: instead of the classic white shirt for example, try to put on a deconstructed one, instead of the black lace-up (which anyway for me remains the top), try wearing a studded boot : you will see how everything will change!

Balmain skirt, Mila Schon double-breasted bag and coat, Plan C shirt, Valentino boots, Jimmy Choo glasses

How to wear the houndstooth: technicolor

The houndstooth is not just black and white. There is also red and white, black and blue, black and red, black and yellow … you can really see all the colors! In this case, my suggestion, to avoid overdoing it, is to not add other colors, except white, in the case of a shirt or top. For the rest, both for the outerwear and for the accessories, I advise you not to go beyond black or at most denim, in order to avoid the fruit salad effect.

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