How to wear the mask with style

How to wear the mask with style

The mask is now the new normal: let's wear it with style!

To use a hashtag in voice in this period, we can really say that the mask is #thenewnormal, that is a new normal that is now part of our everyday life and that, willy-nilly, we must let ourselves go down at least for another little'. However, the mask can also become a style detail. Let's see some look ideas.


If you prefer to wear surgical masks of varying levels to feel safe and secure, you can put your fabric mask on top. It's a nice idea, which helps you to give character to your look. You will treat it in all respects as an accessory and the idea of ​​having to wear it will be more pleasant for you.

How to wear the mask with style

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How to wear the mask with style: in pendant, but without exaggerating

The mask combined with one of your garments will be perfect for obtaining an elegant look, but without too much effort. Pick up the color of one of your garments, even the less present one: it will help you add an unexpected touch of color.

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How to wear the mask with style: black

I've been seeing a lot of black masks lately, including surgical ones. So: I have nothing against the black mask, but try to make sure that there is at least one colored detail in your look, to avoid turning off the whole. It can be a hat, a jewel, or a scarf, but bring some light as close as possible to the face.

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How to wear the mask with style: metal

About light! The metal version mask is of great effect and literally helps to illuminate your face. Obviously it's a detail, so it's for you if you like the genre and if you feel like it!

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How to wear the mask with style: statement

With prints that speak of you, phrases that represent, words that you would like to say with your lips but you cannot because they are covered. Sometimes even the mask can become a means of expression!

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