How to wear the turtleneck with style: look ideas

How to wear the turtleneck with style: look ideas

Warm, practical, elegant: here are some ideas to wear the turtleneck with style

The turtleneck is the friendly pull of the chilly! In autumn and winter, it is the kind of garment that really cannot be missing in the wardrobe. Here is a post on how to style the turtleneck with some look ideas for you!

How to wear the turtleneck with style: with the necklace

The only limitation of the turtleneck is that it risks flattening the décolleté and making it monotonous. How to remedy the situation? Just fill it with a necklace. If you have a lot of breasts, my suggestion is to prefer a choker or in any case to choose a jewel that does not fall too much, so that it does not jump with the movement. If not, a long necklace will work too.

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How to wear the turtleneck with style: high or low?

How to decide when choosing a turtleneck? Let's say that in general, it is useful to manage it according to the length of the neck. If we have a long neck, we can also wear it without folding it. If, on the other hand, the neck is not one of our strengths, but we like the turtleneck so much, then it will be enough to fold it in order to halve its length. In this case, my suggestion is to choose a thin fabric, so that it doesn't create thickness by turning it up.

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How to wear the turtleneck with style: tricot

Super stylish and draft proof! The turtleneck pullover solves the problem of cold neck even when temperatures are low. Generally, even if it is very cold, if the wool is spun with a thick thread, I don't even put the scarf on and I sink my chin into the sweater! The fundamental thing is always to choose natural yarns such as wool or cashmere. Forget about acrylic and the like: they are synthetic fibers that are often spun with wool to give it volume, but which do not keep warm. I recommend: always read the labels!

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