How Where Are U works, the app for emergencies

How Where Are U works, the app for emergencies

Find out how Where Are U works, the life-saving app that you can activate in case of emergencies to ask for immediate help

Where Are U is an emergency app that allows you to make an emergency call and to send your position to the NUE 112 Single Response Centers at the same time. It is a useful tool in many cases: when witnessing a traffic accident and it is not possible to give precise indications of where he is or if a person is in a state of shock and cannot report information consistently. This app can effectively become a life saver: here's how it works and when and how to use it.

Where Are U 112: what it is and how it works

The Where Are U app is a service that allows you to contact, simultaneously sending the position, the Single Response Centers of the NUE 112, that is the single European emergency number. Thanks to this app, in the event of an emergency, you can contact emergency services such as the Police, Carabinieri and all other Public Security Forces. Here's how to use Where Are U:

  • you must proceed with the download of the app from the reference store and then register directly from the smartphone at the first notice. After logging in to your area, you must indicate your data which will be essential in the event of an emergency. Those who wish can also upload a photograph and indicate the numbers to contact in case of need for relatives and friends. It is also possible to make a test demo report, to verify its correct functioning;
  • in the event of an emergency situation, the app is used to call the Operations Center 112 and ask for help. The call is obviously free and, together with the phone call, the operator will also receive the position of whoever is calling;
  • the operator locates the person with the information sent from the smartphone and will ask for the reason for the call, so it is important to give a quick and accurate answer;
  • in the event that those who use the app are the observer of an event and want to report a state of emergency, they must touch the icon and turn it green. In this way, the operator can understand that the person directly involved is not the one who calls and can deepen with other questions;
  • at the end of the interview that identifies the place and reason for the call, the person will be put in contact with the emergency service that best suits the needs. At the same time, the computer system of Central 112 will send the information card of the contact to the rescue operators.

Where Are U is available for both Android and iOS smartphones and there is also a version for Windows Mobile. Obviously all the data recorded during the calls are used only and exclusively to complete the rescue service; there are no privacy issues.

Where Are U app in silent mode

There is also the version of the silent call that can be made in case you have dangerous people nearby. All you have to do is indicate on your smartphone the type of intervention you need and the operator will be able to better manage the call in the silent version.

When it is possible to use the 112 app

The app currently has only one limit, that is, it can only be used in the territories where the emergency number 112 is active: at the moment it is less than 50% of the national territory. The complete map is available on the site It is important to underline that the NUE is an intelligent system because it filters calls: all jokes or telephone errors are not transmitted to the second level control centers, which therefore receive only the real emergency calls.

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