"How you aged Heather": Parisi's answer is exemplary


A follower writes to Heather Parisi on Instagram "How did you grow old", she replies in an exemplary way: "I wouldn't change today's serenity with yesterday's beauty"

"How old you were, you were so beautiful …". A follower of Heather Parisi wrote it on social media. That, direct and candid what it is, does not waste time and replies to critics publicly, with an exemplary and admirable response on Instagram.

“I am 60 years old, I don't want to cheat time by resorting to surgery. Our experience makes us unique, I would not change today's serenity with yesterday's beauty ", this is the meaning of Heather's post, who never misses an opportunity to underline the serenity and happiness achieved only with maturity.

This is Heather's answer, in full:

You're right, my face and body have changed a lot since the days of Cicadas and Disco Child.
They have also changed a lot from before my last pregnancy to 50 years.
Today I am 60 years old and the beauty of my youth definitely doesn't belong to me anymore.
But I, from the beginning, decided that I would not pursue that beauty at any cost, that I would not try to cheat time by resorting to surgery.
The face of old age is an act of truth and humility at the same time.
It is the awareness that our experience is what makes us unique, not anonymous bodies of stereotyped beauty.
And believe me, I would never change my "being old" today with my "beauty" yesterday, because today I have much more to tell and I have a serenity that I never had

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