Hunziker denounced for defamation: there is no peace for Michelle

Hunziker denounced for defamation: there is no peace for Michelle

Michelle Hunziker, tender mother with a big belly

For Michelle Hunziker the story that sees her opposed to her former producer, Rodolfo "Rody" Mirri, continues in the most unpleasant of ways. The prosecutor of Rimini sued the Swiss showgirl – about to marry Tomaso Trussardi – to answer the accusation of defamation against the former agent.

Mirri had already filed a complaint against the satirical news broadcast today by Michelle, Striscia la Notizia, in 2010 when a report signed by Max Laudadio revealed the story that dates back to the beginning of his career.

To the microphones of Striscia la news, Hunziker reported that she had suffered sexual blackmail from the businessman. "Unfortunately I know Rody Mirri. It is a nightmare – said Michelle Hunziker – I was a model and I was 17 years old. When I made the advertisement for" Roberta ", who made a lot of hype, she proposed to work with him. All he was forty years old. He said he was a great producer, he was able to speak very well and said to me: "I will make you very famous" ".

The presenter goes on to say that, after working with Mirri for some time, he told her that between the producer and his protégé a feeling had to be established so strong that it made them become accomplices even with just one look and that it would be essential to go sleeping together. "He made me a real blackmail. Obviously I didn't go to bed with him and he tried for a long time to blackmail me even in front of jobs that made me very happy".

The showgirl is currently being formally investigated together with Striscia's envoy, Max Laudadio, because a service with hidden cameras, installed by him, had been created in the Mirri office in Riccione. In the report it emerged that Mirri, taking advantage of her talent scout activity in the world of entertainment, would obtain sexual favors from the girls who turned to her agency.

The hearing is set for 20 February 2015 and both the presenter and the correspondent, Max Laudadio, will have to attend.

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