Hunziker-Trussardi wedding: finally the publications!

Hunziker-Trussardi wedding: finally the publications!

Michelle Hunziker, tender mother with a big belly

This marriage, we refer to that between Michelle Hunziker and Tommaso Trussardi, will be done. The news that has been around for some time, is confirmed in the publication of the deed in the Praetorium register of Milan, in fact, of the wedding announced between showgirl and entrepreneur.

The place chosen by the couple to seal their union is Bergamo. The date? Within 180 days of publication. Uan certainty, after the direct interested party (or Michelle) postponed the wedding because of the marriage of Eros Ramazzotti and Marica Pellegrinelli with the father of his daughter Sole, Tomaso Trussardi a few months ago? Instead, according to the always well-informed specialized rotogravure, Verissimotv, the two would have established the fateful day of the yes which, for the record, would be next October 10th.

"BOOM!!! It's official!! Michelle Hunziker and Tomaso Trussardi will get married on October 10th !!! Best wishes to this beautiful couple !!! #amore #wedding #wedding #exclusive #scoop », reads the post.

On Hunziker and Tomaso not even a cloud, therefore, despite the evil ones had insinuated that the postponement was dictated by reasons of the heart, by a crisis that – if there was one – turned out to be only temporary.

There is now the harmony of the past between the couple, from when their story was in its infancy. For now, other details cannot be added: it is known that Michelle would like to organize a reception in a villa not far from Bergamo.

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