Hypertension: fight it at a dance pace

Hypertension: fight it at a dance pace

You can fight hypertension by dancing. Physical activity is one of the pillars for a good state of health, why not do it in music? Let's find out the benefits for the body

Hypertension can be fought with dance steps. This is what was stated during the last congress in Naples by the Italian Society for Cardiovascular Prevention.

According to the World Health Organization, around 3 million people die each year from physical inactivity and, in general, most cardiovascular diseases are due to bad lifestyle.

Smoking, alcohol abuse, an improper diet and, of course, sedentary lifestyle should be avoided.
According to the experts, everyone should practice 30 – 45 minutes of aerobic exercises 3-4 times a week with a 50 – 70% workload capacity.

This type of sport in fact helps to lower systolic pressure by reducing the probability of ischemias, strokes and cardiovascular problems. It also helps improve muscle strength and endurance as well as balance and coordination and prevents osteoporosis.

In particular, if, thanks to dance, it is possible to lower the pressure by 2 mmHg in subjects over 45 years, the risk of mortality from heart problems decreases by 7% and the probability of mortality due to stroke by 10%.

This activity is ideal for any type of target, in fact everyone can choose the practice they prefer based on their age, various physical difficulties or their musical tastes.

Doctor Massimo Volpe would like to clarify: "It is essential for everyone, and especially for those suffering from cardiovascular diseases, to consult their doctor or specialist before undertaking any form of exercise."

And he continues: "In general we can say that the most suitable sports for this type of patient are those with aerobic metabolism – therefore of endurance rather than power – and with medium or low cardiovascular effort".

In general, therefore, we can say that regular physical activity is fundamental for everyone, but the greatest benefits are for people suffering from hypertension, women and the elderly.

The dance stabilizes the pressure values ​​both at rest and under stimulation, easing the emotional tensions, lowering the heart rate, reducing the stiffness of the arterial walls, as well as helping the subject to maintain a good physical shape.

Also to be considered, as specified by prof. Carlo Tranquilli, the socializing aspect of dance: "In all ages of life, dance has a strong socializing component. Like other sports, it has an important impact on the regulation of stress hormone production. "

And he continues: "It is certainly an activity to recommend to everyone, young, adults and the elderly, in fact the energy expenditure can be very high if the training is conducted under the guidance of expert technicians".

As experts indicate it is therefore important to always start from prevention first, treating our body before having to intervene with more invasive drugs and therapies.

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