Hypochondria: how to recognize and treat it

Hypochondria: how to recognize and treat it

One of the most common pathologies nowadays is hypochondria. More and more people suffer from it, but fortunately it is possible to find a cure

Hypochondria, or the anxiety and terror of getting sick, is one of the most common diseases of our millennium. Fortunately, there is a cure for this discomfort that more and more people experience daily. However, our rationality must be at the basis of each treatment. The problem that leads millions of people to become hypochondriac is the increase in diseases, combined with the increase in knowledge. It seems paradoxical but knowing too many things is not always a card in our favor. An ancient saying spoke of blessed ignorance and in fact it is true that the less you know, the better you are.

Diagnosing hypochondria is not difficult. First of all, however, one must admit to oneself to be hypochondriac: only in this way is it possible to find true cure. It is hypochondriac who traces simple flu symptoms to terminal diseases. To suffer from hypochondria are also and above all the medical students who before the Hippocratic oath spend years self-diagnosing diseases worthy of excellent imaginary patients. Hypochondriacs are actually more dangerous than their own hypochondria.

Making a hypochondriac understand that headache is not synonymous with aneurysm and that coughing is not synonymous with lung cancer is the most difficult task. The real problem is that we live in the era of global pollution and the increase in many diseases: this does not help to calm those obsessed with their health. Infections increase and hypochondria sufferings also increase. What do people suffering from this disorder often forget? Fortunately, science has found the right remedies for 90% of diseases. Again, what should hypochondriacs stop doing? Use Google to search for the most absurd diseases.

The only possible cure for hypochondria is calm and then patience towards imaginary patients. The use of irony becomes necessary and fundamental. Hypochondriacs don't need surgeons, oncologists or cardiologists. For this pathology the only remedy is psychotherapy. The diseases that patients believe they have are in fact all mental. Depending on the stage of hypochondria, however, it is possible to act even without resorting to analysis. Rationality is what matters. The latter is the only element that helps hypochondriacs to understand that it is one thing to feel sick, it is quite another to really be.

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