"I feel you", the new broadcast by Pierluigi Diaco is a success

Who is Pierluigi Diaco, conductor of You and Me

After the farewell to "Io e Te", Pierluigi Diaco triumphs with "Ti Feel": the new transmission is a success

I hear you, the new program conducted by Pierluigi Diaco, is a success. After the experience of You and I, the conductor is back on TV with a brand new show that has already won the favor of the public. The second episode of the format, broadcast on Rai Due on Tuesday in the late evening, recorded a 5.1% share, equal to 398,000 spectators. Numbers up compared to the debut, which took place last week, when the program was followed by 341.00 viewers with 3.83% share.

"By listening to ten sound fragments, which can be the voice of a relative, the dialogue of a film, a poem or the sound of the sea or traffic, I will try to investigate the way my guest feels – explained Diaco to Sorrisi e Canzoni Tv, presenting the new show -. The idea is to evoke, through sounds, memories and suggestions that are a journey into the person and his past ". Seven scheduled meetings, with as many characters ready to talk about themselves in a new and unusual way with a formula that has already interested and passionate the public.

In the second episode of Ti Feel, Pierluigi Diaco hosted Donatella Rettore who talked about herself without filters, from childhood to the relationship with her parents, right up to love affairs. “When I was 22 I came from a Veneto that is not like today – said the singer -, it was a white Veneto, it was a Veneto that a woman should not touch even with a flower. That is, she really had to be illibetta… I didn't pretend to be a caste, I was a good girl ”.

Protagonist of hits such as Kobra and Splendido Splendente, the Rector said she fell in love with Elton John years ago. “I was in love with Elton John, absolutely in love – he explained -. It was a psychological thing – he said – He is such a good man. When we met, he didn't say anything to me, he started playing the piano: I no longer knew what language to speak, whether in French or German. He was wearing fuchsia overalls and glasses, it was a show just for me ”.

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