I love it but I’m bored every day, what should I do?

I love it but I'm bored every day, what should I do?

Sometimes, boredom creeps in within the couple, in one of the two partners, while the feelings for the other are still very present. Is it possible to chase away this feeling and breathe new life into the relationship? If yes, how ? Or, on the contrary, does boredom in one of the two spouses necessarily sign the end of the couple? The answers from Tony Leblond, couple and family therapist in the Pyrénées-Orientales (66).

If this seems inconceivable for some, others have already experienced it: they are bored in their relationship, although they still love their partner.

What does this lack of interest mean for the person in your life? How can you get rid of this feeling and get off to a good start? Is this even possible? Here are the answers to these questions with Tony Leblond, couples and family therapist.

Boredom, a feeling that can translate into different things

When you are bored in your relationship, it can come from a sort of routine that has become established within the couple.” begins the therapist. “Some people need to be surprised or surprised in their daily lives and over time, the partner who made this effort no longer does so, hence this boredom which sets in“. Sometimes, this can even turn into reproaches towards the other who no longer makes us “vibrate”.

Boredom can also simply be a lack of joint projects. “In this scenario, there is no more projection, no more ideas and no more interest in the end.” explains Tony Leblond.

How to bounce back? Is it possible ?

Once the observation has been made, the objective is to try to resolve the problem. “Some couples agree to live a new experience: this could be moving, changing jobs, taking the trip of a lifetime… It’s a way to breathe new life into the relationship” advises the therapist.

What if it doesn’t work? “It is possible to get help from a therapist, for example. It will be able to help the couple, if each of the two partners has the desire and the resources to revive the dynamic which united them. On the other hand, if this is not the case, for both parties, it will be more difficult to restore vitality to the relationship.”