I love my grandchildren but I will not give up (again) my life

I love my grandchildren but I will not give up (again) my life

Because only by demanding my freedom can I be a happy woman and a good grandmother

I remember it as if it were yesterday, that widespread and inexplicable joy that I still carry in my heart and that I felt at the news that I would become a grandmother. My beautiful little girl, now a woman and also a mother, was about to give birth to a beautiful creature: my niece.

Since that moment many things have changed and I have become a grandmother several times. In recent years my heart has been filled with pride and happiness because I have watched my children grow and fulfill themselves, I have seen my grandchildren take their first steps, spell their first words, I have heard them call me "grandmother" and I have seen mine family, for which I once sacrificed everything, spread wonderfully.

Sunday lunches, shared travels and moments spent with my grandchildren make me a very happy mother and grandmother today, day after day.

But despite this, I have chosen not to sacrifice my remaining years for the family. I love my grandchildren like never before and they will always be the most important thing in my life, but I will not give up my freedom for them. I will teach them how to cook, tell them the most beautiful fairy tales, and still pass on family traditions, but I will always make time for myself.

Because today, at the age of 60, I have understood that my freedom is worth more than anything, and expecting it will certainly not make me a bad or not present grandmother. On the contrary, I will be a happy and fulfilled woman, because my children are now grown up and have their own life, and I can take back mine.

I can cultivate those passions that I neglected as a young man because I had to look after my children, I can finally meet up with friends without having to postpone that coffee or having to put together a thousand commitments before taking part in a dinner. I can leave, take trains and planes, visit all those places that once I could only observe from books or television.

And I can do so many other things, including, of course, spending time with my grandchildren. But I will not do this full time, because the years that await me are those of rest after the sacrifice. And even if my daughter doesn't understand my part-time presence today, I hope my grandchildren will one day.

Because only by demanding my freedom will I be happy, first as a woman and then as a grandmother.

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