I overindulged, is it a good idea to skip a meal?

I overindulged, is it a good idea to skip a meal?

After a hearty meal we tend to want to skip the next meal to compensate and lighten up. Good or bad idea ? Alexandra Murcier, dietician-nutritionist, answers us.

Faced with a copious plate, our conscience tells us that it is surely not reasonable, and then a small voice answers us that after all we only have one life and that it will be enough to skip the next meal to give ourselves good conscience. So, good or bad idea? TipsForWomens asked the question to Alexandra Murcier, dietician-nutritionist. Here are his tips.

The health impacts of skipping a meal

According to Alexandra Murcier, skipping a meal after an excess is a bad idea both from a physiological and psychological point of view. “When you skip a meal, you tend to get very hungry and eat a big plate again and it’s a vicious cycle. Ultimately, it is not effective in the long term, especially in a logic of weight loss” explains our expert. She points out that “when our body is deprived, it tends to store more for future deprivation. Skipping a meal is therefore a bad habit to forget”.

Skipping a meal causes frustration

“From a psychological point of view, the fact of skipping a meal generates frustration which is not desirable” continues the dietician-nutritonist. Indeed, this frustration would tend to push our desire to consume fatty/sweet/salty foods to overcome this unfulfilled desire.

What to do after an excess?

“To eliminate a large meal, it is better to increase physical activity in order to increase our energy expenditure. This makes you feel less heavy” explains the expert. “We can also eat lighter by increasing our intake of fiber-rich vegetables and avoiding animal products”.